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SS7CG5 - Middle East Government


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United Nations
they partitioned the area of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states
a Jewish state
Israel's type of democratic government
unitary system
the central government in Jerusalem (Israel) handles most government functions
Israeli chief of state, who has little real power
prime minister
head of government in Israel
Israel's legislative branch of 120 seats
personal freedoms to improve in Israel
discrimination of Arab-Israelis, domestic violence against women, unequal education opportunities
a government controlled by religious leaders (like in Iran)
primary religion of Iran
also called the Islamic Republic of Iran
Supreme Leader
a religious position in Iran that last a lifetime unless the Assembly of Experts decides he is no longer fit for office
Assembly of Experts
the group in Iran that appoints the Supreme Leader
Supreme Court; High Council of the Judiciary
supervise enforcement of all the laws and establish legal policies
arrested for treason
If a person disagrees with the the government in Iran
they have fewer rights than men in Iran
the government of Saudi Arabia
government headed by a king or queen
Islamic Law
this governs the people of Saudi Arabia, not a constitution
Human Rights Watch
views the Saudi justice system as highly secretive and wants it open to the public
to divide land (like the area of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states)
Parliament (Grand National Assembly of Turkey)
Turkey's unicameral legislative branch
He is chief of state, directly elected by absolute majority of popular vote, & serves a 5 year term in Turkey
prime minister
head of government that is appointed by the president from members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
has limited freedom of expression through constitutional restrictions and laws
Saudi Arabia
has an autocratic monarchy government
Saudi Royal Family
also called the "House of Saud" claims their rule is divinely ordained
criticizing government
people can be jailed by committing this action in Turkey
private property
Laws protecting ______ are subject to Islamic practice in Turkey.