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the clothing worn by actors in a movie, sometimes called wardrobe which also designates the department in which clothing is made and stored.
the color and textures of the interior decoration, furniture, draperies, and curtains of a set.
the process by which the look of the settings, props, lighting, and actors is determined.
the organization, distribution, balance, and general relationship of stationary objects and figures - as well as of light, shade, line, and color within the frame
the process by which the cinematographer determines what will appear within the borders of the moving image during a shot
the aspect of composition that takes into account everything that moves on the screen
mise - en scene
also called staging, the overall look and feel of the movie, the sum of everything the audience sees, hears, and experiences while viewing it
production designer
a person who works closely with the director, art director, and director of photography in visualizing the movie that will appear on the screen
objects used to enhance a movies mise-en-scene by providing physical tokens of narrative information