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Arabic word for god


What is in Kaaba?

stone that fell from heavens that Mohamed kissed

5 pillars of islam

Declaration of faith, Ams for the poor,Hajj,daily prayer fasting during ramadan

Medina means..

City of the prophet

Body of laws


This group believes that the true successor of the Prophet are
the descendents of Ali and Mohamed's daughter FaDma.


This group felt that any good Muslim could lead the
community and forms the largest group of Muslims in
the world.


Ships of the desert


What is an artficial application of water in
dry areas called?


Social mobility

Ability to move up in Social class.

Why does Islamic art have a qunique style?

the Quran banned worship of idols

Best known collection of Muslim stories?

A thousand and one nights, Alladin

Center of Islamic learning


Medical advancements

Eye surgery, mixing medicines to make them taste better.

Arabe tribes of nomadic herders were called..


Where did Islam emerge?

The Arabian penninsula


Area of vegetation in a desert.


"To summit to god"


Struggle in gods service.

Survining member of family fled to..


Alms for poor



Pilgrimage to Mecca

Daily prayer

Prayer 5 times a day after ritual washing then pray and face Mecca.

Ramadan fasting

Dont eat from sunrise to sunset for 30 days

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