The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Flash cards for Huck Finn unit in english
In chapter 31 how are Jim and Huck separated and how does Jim come to be captured by Silas Phelps?
Jim is sold to Silas Phelps by the king.
In chapter 31 how does Huck manage to free himself from the king and the duke?
The king gets in an argument with some guys he owes money to, so the duke tries to break it up and gets involve which makes the situation even worse, and in the confusion Huck manges to escape.
When Tom Sawyer arrives at the Phelps' house and sees huck what does he originally think he is?
When he first sees him he thinks he is a ghost, because like everyone else from their town he thought Huck had been murdered.
As revealed in chapter 32, what happens to the conmen "the king and the duke?"
They are caught by the villagers and tarred and feathered for fooling and cheating so many people.
What happened to the king and the duke that does not allow them to travel with Huck anymore?
They were caught by some villagers and were tarred and feathered.
Why does Tom not like Huck's plan to free Jim from the Phelps'?
He says that it's too simple and that it's not regular. They have to do things a certain way, and Huck's way was not it.
Why does Nat, the slave who feeds Jim, tie his hair in "little bunches with thread"?
Because he believes he is being messed with by witches and he believes that this will keep them away so they don't bother him.
Why does Tom insist that Jim needs a rope ladder? What do they steal in order to have material for making the ladder?
Tom insists that Jim needs a rope ladder because it's regular, and they all have one. To make the ladder they have to steal a sheet off of the clothesline.
Why does Tom think it is not wrong for them to steal these items in this situation?
Because to free a prisoner they have to think like prisoners, if they don't think like prisoners then it won't work.
Why do Huck and Tom end up using picks and just pretending they are using case-knives?
Because using the knives would take way too long and it would take too much effort.
When Tom and Huck forget to faster the "lean-to door," what comes through the hole they have dug?
All of the dogs that the Phelps' own came up through the hole at the same time so it freaked them all out and they panicked.
What story does Huck tell the doctor in order to receive his help?
That Tom had some sort of really weird dream and was shot by the dream.
When Huck runs into Uncle Silas, what story does he tell him?
He tells him that he and "Sid" heard the commotion and wanted to get in on the action, so they snuck out the window and tried to track the robbers that stole Jim.
What three people arrive at the Phelps' house in the morning?
The doctor that helped Tom, Tom, and Jim show up at the Phelps' house in the morning.
What does the doctor say in Jim's defense?
That he is a good slave, he was kind and loyal and agreed to stay and help the doctor treat Tom, even though he could have easily ran away into the woods. But he didn't so he was a loyal good slave and didn't deserve to be hanged.
What does Tom give Jim for all the troubles he's put Jim through?
Tom gives Jim 40 dollars.
When Aunt Sally offers to adopt Huck, what does he decide to do? Why?
He decides to run away into the Wild West. He makes the decision to run because before, Widow Douglas had tried to civilize him and he had not enjoyed it at all, so he is going to avoid going through the same experience again.