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mexico's southern peninseula
Yucatan peninseula
mexico's northern peninseula
bajacalifornia peninseula
Yucatan peninseula
short fat and famous as a vacation destination in Gulf of mexico
bajacalifornia peninseula
long skinny many different types of terrain in pacific ocean
what did the Mexican natives call their land
land of the shaking earth
the mountain ranges of mexico
siera madre occidental, siera madre oriental, siera madre del sur
the three highest peeks in mexico
Txtacihuatl 17343 ft. , Citlatiptle 18701 ft. , Popocatepetle 17887 ft.
Rio grande
a North American river that forms a portion of the mexico/US border
the three altitude zones in order from lowest to highest
tierra callienta, tierra templada, tierra fria
name the three economic regions of mexico
central mexico, The north, the south
central mexico
economic heart, good agriculture conditions, manufacturing,
industrial cities: Mexico city, puebla
The North
Agriculture(demanding irrigation), Ranching(introduced by the Spanish), Monterrey(leads country in steel production), Malquiadors (assembly line factory)
The South
poor regin, many subsistence farmers, some plantations, tourism is important
mexico industrialized
started around 1950, 50 years behind the US
name some challenges that go with industrializaton
land conservation, pollution, job creation, trade
name the 2 native populations of mexico
Aztec & Mayans
who led the Spanish conquistadors through mexico to take over the natives
Herman cortez
what did the Aztecs call themselves
how long was mexico a colony of spain
300 years
when did mexico become it's own country
what are common materials for country homes
cinder blocks, red tiled roofs, sheet metal, straw, clay
what is on a plaza
government building, small church, shops, market place
what is the most popular sport in mexico
soccer(Azteca stadium)
what is an archipelago
along chain or group of islands
describe the climate of the west indes
70-85 degrees, cool breezes consistently, pre-developed hurricanes hit at times in the year
what type of economy is in the west indies
Mainly agricultural growing tropical fruit, also some tourism
what is the cultural mix in the west indies
African, native(taino), and european
what is reggae
a mix of american rock and African rythems
what is an american common wealth
a territory under foreign protection
what is the american common wealth in the west indies
puerto rico
any large mass of ice that moves slowly over land
alpine glacier
a glacier in a mountain range. If confined within a valley, it is termed a valley glacier. The area of origin is a snowfield, usually in a bowl-shaped erosional landform called a cirque. Where alpine glaciers flow down to the sea, they calve and form icebergs.
Ice Sheets
a glacier that forms at extreme latitude, when snow is added the glacier gets wider not taller, flattens landscape
Galloping glacier
an very fast moving glacier
tide water glacier
valley glaciers that terminate end up at the ocean
process by which a block of a glacier breaks off and falls into the sea to form an iceberg
causes of sea level rise
thermal expansion of the ocean due to heating and melting of ice originating on land
rock debris created as a glacier flows down the mountain, erosion, acts as a dam when glacial lakes are formed
how glaciers are formed

Define contiguous
sharing an edge or boundary
how many of the states are contiguous
what are the 5 geographical regions
the Coastal Plains, the Appalachian Mountains, the Interior Plains, The Rocky Mountains
name the great lakes
what about the U.S's resources makes our economy strong
we have so many natural resources and we are taking advantage of them
what are the economic reigens
The Northeast, The Midwest, The Interior west, The Pacific,
What is NAFTA
What is a service industry
Any economic activity that produces a service rather than a product.
what were the main goals of the Europeans colonizing america
for riches, land, natural resources, & the right to live freely
What are the 3 layers of government
federal over state, state over local, federal can give local commands as well as state
how are the branches of government kept equal
through the system of checks and balances
what did the industrial revolution do to the U.S
It changed our economy from an agricultural to manufacturing
what 3 rivers make up the ACF basin
Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, flint
What are the uses of the ACF basin
Recreation, irrigation, drinking water, oysters in Apalachicola bay, hydroelectric, industrial use(factories)
What is Latitude and longitude
a grid system used to plot points on a map
measured north to south
measured east to west
Prime Meridian
Who first found the way to find your longitude and with what
John Harrison and with a pocket watch after 3 clocks with special pendulums
John Harrison
son of a carpenter, was a carpenter, clock making was a hobby/passion
5 themes of geography
location, place, Human/Environment interaction,movement, and Region (look up in homework)
absolute location
uses lat. and long., uses numbers
words to describe place
Plate Tectonics
earths crust is in many pieces, pieces fit together, pieces move, causes continental drift
Water cycle
water is in aquifers, lakes, rivers, the ocean-evaporation, condensation-clouds-precipitation-back to the start
where is fresh water found?
97% of water is salt. 80% of fresh water is frozen in glaciers and ice sheets
Underground rock layer that stores large amounts of water
how do currents effect climate
water and wind heated in the tropics, bringing warmth to outside the equator creating temperate climate
What is a rain shadow?
an area behind a mountain range blocking clouds depriving it of rain and moister, desert like
Made by US military, consists of 24 satalites, satalites orbit 2 times a day, global coverage
knowing where you are and knowing the location of your destination
knowing the location of someone or something else.
Way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs & customs, including religious & Language
River Settlement
Tend to advance from Hunter gatherer to farming first. Create Civilizations. Has fertile soil.
How cultural regions are divided
by Government, religion, social groups, economic systems, language, & religion
population distribution in the US
80% of the US lives in the city, most people in the US live on the east coast.
Population density
average number of people per square mile
The growth of urban areas(usually because of jobs)
roads, sewage systems, clean running water, government, power, cell phone, wifi
what makes pop. go up
immigration, good healthcare, good infrastructure
what makes pop. go down
emigration, famine, lack of infrastructure, warfare, poor health care
Renewable resources
must be maintained correctly to stay renewable, crops, forest, livestock, rich soil.
substance farming
growing only enough to feed your family, most popular job in the world, primitive tools, small fields, sells any surplus
Non renewable resources
resources that can't be replaced, metal, minerals
service industries
business that provides a service instead of a product
Renewable energy sources
hydraulics(dam), solar(solar panels), wind power(modern windmill)