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Escherichia coli

E. coli is translucent and tan
Staph. sp. is opaque and white
major difference in the gross morphology of E. coli growth on a BAP compared to Staphylococcus?
large intestine. enteric
the habitat of E. coli is the __________, meaning it is _______.
Gram negative. pink (or red)
Gram stain of E. coli organisms (+/-?). What color will these organisms then be?
rod-shaped (bacillus)
microscopic morphology of E. coli
- MacConkey's agar (MAC agar)
- Eosin Methylene Blue agar (EMB agar)
2 common types of combination media used to selectively grow Gram negative organisms, like E. coli, while inhibiting the growth of Gram positive organisms
lactose. fermentation (lactose fermenter)
E. coli utilize the carbohydrate ______ as an energy source through the process of _______ which creates acid that is detected by a pH indicator in MAC agar
- urinary tract infections
- food poisoning
- calf scours
types of diseases caused by E. coli organism (3)