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Social Justice 2

Students at this high school are required to take both Church History and Social Justice during their junior years.
Caholic Social Teaching
the call of the popes and bishops for people to let the reign of God's love shape their world, this is rooted in the mission of Jesus the Christ
Catholic Social Teaching
is the teaching of the Church that examines human society in the light of the Gospel and church Tradition for the purpose of guiding Christians as they carry on the mission of Jesus in the world.
Signs of the Times
the Church's response to the world that flows out of its interpretation of those realities.
the up-and-coming social, political, philosophical movement, asserted that reason and science are the basis for knowing truth.
Industrial Revolution
the shift from a farming and craft trade economy to an economy based on factory production - well under way.
philosophy of individual rights and autonomy, together with limited government and the ownership of private property, was part of the "program" of the Enlightenment.
those who owned the means of producing goods.
new few economic system, in which a few owned the means of production for their own profit, and workers sold their labor to the owners for whatever wage they could get.