60 terms

General biology chpt. 1-2

Which of the following lists the terms from simplest to most complex?
cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism
The smallest unit of life is a
The process of_________ transforms solar energy into chemical energy.
Which of the following is matched incorrectly?
All the chemical reactions that occur in a cell are called?
All single-celled organisms including archaea and bacteria are prokaryotes.
False because some eukaryotes, including protista, are single-celled.
Prokaryotes belong to
Domain Archaea
The mountain zebra (Equus zebra)and the donkey (Equus asinus) belong to the same species
False because the specific epithet is different.
Which of the following correctly list the classification categories from least to most inclusive?
species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain
The circulatory system of a whale is considered an organ system because it is composed of different
All of the following are true with respect to DNA except
asexual reproduction results in offspring with DNA that is different from the parent
The various species of honeycreepers have an assortment of different bills, but all species have a similar size and body shape. This is an example of
descent with modification
Which of the following terms is not correctly matched with a correct example?
A tropical rainforest-community
Which of the following is the most encompassing level of organization?
Kevin is studying predator-prey interactions. One day he notices a spider eating a cricket caught in it's web. Later that day, a bird eats the spider. How many consumers are there in this scenario?
Maria is studying predator-prey interactions. One day she notices a spider eating a cricket caught in it's web. Later that day, a bird eats the spider . How many producers are there in this scenario?
Steve is studying predator-prey interactions. One day he notices a spider eating a cricket caught in it's web. Later that day, a bird eats the spider. How many populations are included in his study.
Brittany is studying predator-prey interactions. One day she notices a spider eating a cricket caught in it's web. Later that day, a bird eats the spider. Based on the organisms involved in the study, what level of organization is she studying?
Refer to the figure below. How many different kingdoms are represented in the this figure?
Which of the following statements is NOT true with respect to scientific theory?
Theories are possible explanations for natural events.
Which of the following is NOT true with regards to extinction?
All extinctions are caused by human activities such as habitat destruction.
Which of the following is NOT true about biodiversity?
As extinction rates increase, biodiversity increases.
Living organisms must constantly take in energy in order to power functions necessary to remain alive. The chemical reactions that involve energy conversion are called
The metabolic reactions that take place in a cell obey all of the same laws and require the same conditions necessary for any chemical reaction to occur. To make these reactions possible cells
maintain the correct temperature, moisture level and acidity as well as other factors.
Evolutionary processes lead to organisms that
function well in a given environment
In science, a theory
encompasses many hypotheses
Bioethics is a branch of biology concerned with
The development and consequences of biological technology.
A scientist discovers a new application for a common medical procedure that involves taking tissues from one patient and placing them into another patient. The procedure always results in a full recovery for the patient receiving the tissue but results in long-term disability for the donor 10% of the time. According to bioethics, making the decision as to whether this procedure should be allowed in this country should be the responsibility of
All citizens
An atom's outermost electron shell
determines it's chemical reactivity
Deoxyribose is a sugar found in
A covalent bond occurs when
electrons are shared between two atoms to complete their octets.
The type of bond that would form from the transfer of an electron from one atom to another, as depicted in the figure, is a
A water molecule, as shown here, is polar because of
unequal sharing of electrons
Testosterone is a lipid-based hormone; insulin is a ________-based hormone
The figure below is depicting the interaction of water molecules with one another which involves the use of
hydrogen bonds
Bases can
both take up hydrogen ions and release hydroxide ions
Which of the following correctly lists the parts of a nucleotide of RNA?
nitrogen-containing base, ribose, phosphate
The four main categories of organic macromolecules are
carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acides
Plants store their sugar in the form of
When hot chocolate mix is added to water the hot chocolate is the __________ and the water is the_______
A coke has a pH of 3.5 this means that it has an excess of _______ ions and would be called a (n)
H+; acid
Humans store their polysaccharides in the form of
A fatty acid that has at least two double bonds is called
A nucleotide is made of which of the following chemical components?
a nitrogen-containing base, a phosphate group, and a sugar
An element has an atomic number of 78. The number of protons and electrons in a neutral atom of the element are
78 protons and 78 electrons
A molecule is said to be organic if it contains
carbon and hydrogen atoms
The basic building block or subunit of many biological molecules is called a
In the reaction 6CO2+ 6H2O --------> C6H12O6+ 6O2 carbon dioxide is one of the
Why do cells need buffering agents
to minimize the changes in pH of their internal environment
Some insects can stride on the surface of water because water
has surface tension
The pH of pure water is ________ because_______
7.0; water dissociates an equal number of H+ ions and OH-
A gene in DNA is the code for
a sequence of amino acids
Chemical bonds involve
the giving, taking or sharing of electrons
If a material mixes readily with water it is identified as
Which of the following levels of protein folding would include shapes identified as helix and pleated sheet?
secondary structure
The shape of a protein is a critical factor in it's function
The "primary structure" of a protein refers to
the number and sequence of amino acids
How does DNA differ from RNA?
DNA is comprised of a double strand, RNA is a single strand
The principle role for sugars in living things is
for creating energy
A fat is formed when three fatty acids join a glycerol by a _____________
dehydration reaction