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Fill in the blanks with the matching word. Try all the various tools to practice the vocabulary.


Time management includes being able to ____________________ your goals, or arrange them in order of importance.


Regular exercise not only keeps a person physically fit, but also relieves ____________________ in muscles.


Deep breathing to help slow down heart rate and decrease blood pressure is one type of ____________________ technique.


Positive stress, or ____________________, energizes people and helps them reach their goals.


Having a ____________________ attitude about the outcome of a potentially stressful event can eliminate a lot of stress.


You can respond to a stress ____________________ and behaviorally.

stress related

Backaches, migraine headaches, and high blood pressure are often ____________________ disorders


People who are ____________________ have many assets that help them feel strong, capable, and healthy.


Taking on more responsibilities than one can handle could be an indication of not knowing one's ____________________.

memorial service

The body of the deceased is not present at a _________________________.


If a terminally ill person believes that he or she will get well because a cure will be found for the disease, that person is in the ____________________ stage.


Suicide is the ____________________ leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24 years.


Allowing yourself to ____________________ helps you heal from the pain of a loss.


Blaming yourself or others for a loss is part of the ____________________ stage of the grieving process.


A ____________________ provides family and friends an opportunity to view the deceased before the funeral.


Suicide usually does not happen without a ____________________ of some kind.


People who have suicidal thoughts need help understanding that suicide is ____________________ and not a solution to temporary problems.


Giving away possessions, neglecting his or her appearance, and withdrawal from friends and family might be warning signs of ____________________.

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