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Vertical Zones

photic, aphotic, benthic

Horizontal Zones

shore to shore, oceanic, neritic, intertidal

oceanic zone

deep ocean, 90% of world's oceans


produce 80% of world's oxygen

baleen whales

feed on plankton, no teeth, baleen filters

detritus organisms

scavengers that feed on dead organisms that float down in oceanic zone (clams, worms, sponges)

polar water

denser than water near equator

equator water

saltier than water near poles

neritic zone

between continental shelf and deep ocean

continental shelf

underwater cliff that runs along coast


natural structures on continental shelf (kelp beds and coral reefs) protect the shoreline

kelp beds

in cool waters

coral reefs

in tropical waters


type of algae that lives in coral and gives it food


where fresh water meets salt water, good for commercial fishing

salt marshes

flat muddy wetlands in bays, lagoons, & estuaries.

intertidal zone

land covered by high tide and exposed by low tide (mangrove, salt marshes)

mangrove swamps

warm areas, trees and shrubs on stilts

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