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  1. Self-directed team
  2. Maintenance of membership
  3. Double breasting
  4. Decertification
  5. Directed election
  1. a Group of people that work in a self-managing way. Typically the group assumes complete autonomy.
  2. b Means for employees to terminate union representation; removes union from its position as bargaining representatiive.
  3. c Contract clause that states that an employee may or may not choose to join a union but once the employee joins, he/she must maintain membership for the duration of the contract.
  4. d Type of representation election ordered by the NLRB regional director after a preelection hearing.
  5. e When a common owner operates both union and nonunion businesses.

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  1. When an employer bargains with several unions simultaneously but on a separate basis.
  2. Process of sending employees abroad and supporting their ability to adapt to cultural changes and complete their international assignment.
  3. Type of contract negotiation based on four premises:1) separate the people from the problem, 2) focus on interests, not positions, 3) invent options for mutual gain, and 4) insist on objective criteria.
  4. Act that extended collective bargaining rights to federal employees.
  5. Strike by employees of a bargaining unit who refuse to cross picket lines made up of employees who are not members of their bargaining unit.

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  1. Informational picketingPicketing done to obtain an employer's recognition of a union as bargaining representative.


  2. Dues checkoffGroup of employees responsible for a given end product.


  3. Hot Cargo clausesAgreement that union members are not required to handle goods made by nonunion labor or a struck plant; illegal except for provisions in the construction and clothing industries.


  4. TelecommutingExtent to which a job requires a "whole," identifiable unit of work.


  5. PolicyProcess of using paid union organizers to infiltrate an organization and organize a company's workers.