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  1. Task force
  2. Deauthorization
  3. Task significance
  4. Employee handbook
  5. Community of interests
  1. a Temporary allocation of personel and resources for the accomplishment of a specific objective.
  2. b Mutuality of interests among employees in bargaining for wages, hours, and working conditions.
  3. c Removes authority of a bargaining representative in a non-right-to-work state to negotiate or enforce a union security clause.
  4. d Explains major and generally describes the employee benefits provided.
  5. e Extent to which a job has a substantial impact on other people.

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  1. Extent to which a job requires a "whole," identifiable unit of work.
  2. Practice in union-free organizations of encouraging managers to spend time with each employee two levels below them on an annual basis.
  3. Act that protects the rights of union members from corrupt or discriminatory labor unions; also known as Landrum-Griffin Act.
  4. Act that protects the rights of employees to organize unhampered by management; also known as National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
  5. Type of contract negotiation based on four premises:1) separate the people from the problem, 2) focus on interests, not positions, 3) invent options for mutual gain, and 4) insist on objective criteria.

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  1. Grievance procedureProvides an orderly way to resolve differences of opinion in regard to a union contract.


  2. DecertificationMeans for employees to terminate union representation; removes union from its position as bargaining representatiive.


  3. Common lawDictates that custom and usage have the force of law, even if not specifically found in legislatively enacted, codified, written laws.


  4. Directed electionType of representation election ordered by the NLRB regional director after a preelection hearing.


  5. Interest-based bargaining (IBB)Process by which management and union representatives negotiate the employment conditions for a particular bargaining unit for a designated period of time.


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