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2155 Complications of Childbearing

What are 4 JACHO preventable errors in maternal death?
1. failure to adequately control BP in hypertensive women
2. failure to adequately dx/tx pulmonary edema in women with pre-eclampsia
3. failure to pay attention to VS following c/s
4. hemorrhage following c/s
Leading causes of maternal death (6)
1. Hemorrhage
2. Hypertensive disorder
3. Pulmonary embolism
4. Amniotic fluid embolism
5. Infection
6. Pre-existing chronic conditions
what are 4 reasons why infant mortality is high in the US?
1. unequal access to health care for all women
2. high rate of adolescent pregnancy
3. high number of very low birth weight infants
4. perhaps the high # of fertility pregnancies (IVF, etc)
Common risk factors in infant mortality (5)
1. low socioeconomic class
2. inadequate or no support system
3. lack of appropriate nutrition
4. poor access to health care
5. extremes of childbearing ages <20, >35