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ACA Photoshop CC 2015 Exam Review


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Use the Quick Selection Tool to select one of the lower bodies in the top right corner of the image, and then replace the selected pixels using Content-Aware fill. Repeat the task for the second lower body.
Method of Completion:
1. Select the Quick Selection Tool
2. Click & drag through one of the lower bodies
3. Hit the Delete key OR click Edit > Fill...OR hit Shift + F5 OR Right Click on the selection and select Fill
4. Click on the dropdown next to Background and choose Content-Aware
5. Click OK
6. Click and drag through the legs of the second lower body
7. Hit the Delete key OR Click Edit > Fill... OR Hit Shift + F5 OR Right click on the selection and select Fill...
8. Right click on the selection and select Fill...
9. Click OK
Create a nondestructive Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with a Sepia tone. Set the adjustment layer to clip to the layer containing the image.
Method of Completion:
1. Select Layer 1
2. Click the 'create new fill or adjustment layer' icon from the bottom of the Layers panel
3. Click on the Presets dropdown menu
4. Choose Sepia
5. Click on the clip to layer icon at the bottom of the Hue/Sat dialog box
6. Click the double arrows in the top right corner of the panel to close the window
Set the Spot Healing Brush to 20 px and use it to remove the scratch on the front fender above the left tire. Then, set the brush size to 10 px and remove the scratch above the left door handle.
Method of Completion:
1. Select the Spot Healing Brush
2. Click on the Options bar dropdown and choose the 20 px size
3. Click and drag over the white line on the fender of the truck cab
4. Click again, and choose the 10 px size
5. Click on the scar above the door handle of the truck cab.
Know How:
In the text, replace the word "Acre" with Acres. Set the text font size to 48 pt. and apply a Rise Warped Text effect to it.
Target the correct layer. With the Type (text) tool selected, select the word "Acre". Use either the options bar at the top OR the Character Panel (under the Window menu) to change the size of the text, then use the options at the top to apply the Warp.
Know How:
Crop the image at a width of 500 px , a height of 500 px, and a resolution set to 72 ppi. Save the file for the Web using the PNG-24 Preset, enabling Transparency, and the file name logo.
Notes: In CC, the W and H boxes are not showing at the top, but make sure you use the drop-down box for W x H x Resolution, then enter your values in the boxes on the Options bar. Then, File > Export > Save for Web, choose PNG-24, check the Transparency box, and Save and name the file.
Know How:
Save the current project as a JPG file in the Documents folder. Name the file Cards and set the Quality of the file to 5. (Accept all other defaults)
Notes: Be sure to follow each step in the order presented.
Know How:
Change the unit of measure on the Rulers from inches to cm. then view the Rulers to see the change.
Edit > Preferences > Units & Rulers
View > Rulers
Know How:
Disable Snap to Layers
View > Snap To
Remove the check from "Layers" on the flyout menu
What is a benefit of opening files as Smart Objects:
You can edit Smart Objects many times without loss of quality.
You want to remove a crack from a photograph of a wall by painting over the crack using samples from another part of the wall. Which tool should you choose to perform this task most efficiently?
Healing Brush
Which is a benefit of customizing the panels and menus settings in Photoshop?
You will work more efficiently and reduce unnecessary monitor clutter.
You want to apply a TONAL correction to a specific area of an image in a NON-destructive way. What should you use?
An adjustment layer.
*You want to straighten, crop, AND resample your image in ONE step. Which tool or command should you use?
Select the CROP tool then on the OPTIONS bar, click the LEVEL, then draw a line over the straight edge (like a roof), then click ENTER.
You want to ISOLATE the image area affected by an adjustment layer, non-destructively, and with detailed control. Which feature should you use in combination with the adjustment layer?
A Layer Mask
You want to SHARPEN a SPECIFIC AREA while minimizing undesired artifacts. Which sharpening method will achieve this?
With the SHARPEN tool, increase the Strength value and select the Protect Detail option.
You are experimenting with different FILTER combinations. Which command should you choose to ensure that your filters are NON-destructive?
Filter > Convert for Smart Filters
Which is an advantage of using the Quick Selection Tool instead of the Magic Wand Tool?
You can more quickly isolate areas with non-uniform foreground or background colors.
Which two file formats are appropriate when saving your file for Web publishing? (Choose two)
(Choices are PNG, GIF, PSD, EPS)
How do you create a web page that has multiple JPEG images displayed within a navigation bar?
In Bridge: select images > output > Web gallery
By using the properties panel, how do you adjust the Feather of a mask on a layer?
Window > properties > click add layer mask (square with the circle under the layers panel) > adjust feather tab
How do you convert a layer to a smart object?
1. Layer > Smart Objects > convert to smart object
2. Right click the layer > convert to smart object
How do you create a SOLID FILL LAYER using the current foreground color?
1. Layer > New fill layer > solid color ...>OK
2. click the half filled circle at the bottom of the layers panel > solid color ...> ok
Apply a NON-DESTRUCTIVE MASK to a selection in a layer.
Target the layer, click an adjustment in the Adjustment Panel. This will give it a nondestructive mask that will preserve the original image.
A .png can be a replacement for a .gif
How to create a NEW STYLE from a layer
Layer > layer style > blending options >add desired effects> instead of clicking OK, click NEW STYLE> check blending options > OK (the style is now saved in the style panel)
How do you create a LAYERS GROUP with layers in the group?
Click the folder at the bottom of the layers panel to create a group and rename it appropriately. DRAG each layer into that folder (group).
Primary function of Adobe Bridge?
To manage, open, and view files.
Which option is available for RENDERING INTENT under color management for printing?
Relative Colorimetric
(File > Print > Rendering intent > switch to Relative Colorimetric)
What tool enables you to select a CONSISTENTLY COLORED AREA with a single click?
Magic Wand tool
Select > load selection
Make the selection; On the OPTIONS bar, choose Select > Save Selection - then give it a name
Without changing the resolution, how do you resize an image using the best resampling interpolation for the change in size?
Image > Image Size > check "Resample Image" > change pixel dimensions > change tab to "Bicubic Smoother" for enlargement or "Bicubic Sharper" for reduction
How do you DESTRUCTIVELY CHANGE an image on a layer saturation?
Image > adjustments > hue/saturation
How do you automatically correct the color balance of an image?
Image > Auto Color
How do you only increase the SATURATION of CYAN?
Image > adjustments > hue/saturation > change tab from "Master" to "Cyans" and adjust the saturation bar
Which retouching tool do you use to remove the red-eye from a photograph?
Red-eye removal tool
How do you sharpen the edges of an image? (AMOUNT, RADIUS, THRESHOLD)
Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask > adjust the tabs for amount, radius, and threshold
Which content-aware tool would be most effective for manipulating objects within an image?
Content-aware move tool
How do you erase something (like a sign) to reveal the white background?
Use a marquee tool (rectangular or polygonal lasso to select the sign), then Use the ERASER tool
How do you type vertically?
Vertical TYPE TOOL
How do you apply the SUNSPOTS TEXTURE to layer?
1. Window > Styles> Sunspots (Texture)
2. Choose the Sunspots option on the Styles Panel up near the swatches panel.
How do you apply the inner glow effect to a layer?
1. Layer > layer style > blending options > inner glow
2. Target the layer and click fx at the bottom, then choose inner glow.
Which color mode is the most effective to use for a final output for an OFFSET PRINTER?
What is a GAMUT?
How do your display the image in PRINT SIZE VIEW?
View > Print Size
What is the Rule of Thirds?
It looks like a tic tac toe symbol; divides an image into 9 EQUAL SECTIONS by 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines spaced equally to create 9 EQUAL SECTIONS (allows you to balance the image)
What are complementary colors?
Colors OPPOSITE each other on the color wheel and used to create contrast
What are analogous colors?
Colors found SIDE BY SIDE on the color wheel
How can an RGB document be previewed to see what it would look like when printed in CMYK without modifying the image data?
View > proof setup > working CMYK
How can you change a photo to black and white without using grayscale?
1. Image > adjustments > black and white
2. Apply a black and white mask (nondestructive)
1. placing the subject of an image into focus
2. changing the contrast, brightness & cropping an image to highlight the subject
Aspect Ratio
The proportional relationship between an image's width & height.
How do you change the size of an image while maintaining the aspect ratio?
Image > Image Size; make sure the chain is locked, then change the height to 480 pixels, then click OK
1. small decorative lines
2. better in print
What is CMYK?
subtractive colors; for printing; 4 colors - cyan, magenta, yellow and black
You would NOT rasterize a what?
How to flatten an image?
Layer > Flatten
When you are saving an image for the Web, you must go to the following path:
File > Export > Save for Web
then put in the requirements for the question at hand
Which of the following would you frequently use for a blog site that has frequent updates?
Header / Logo image