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  1. overthrow
  2. restrict
  3. penetrate
  4. exasperate
  5. rebel
  1. a to pass into or through
  2. b to end the rule of; to defeat, often by using force
  3. c to make angry; to annoy
  4. d to keep within certain limits
  5. e a person who refuses to obey orders or the law

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  1. fighting against another's control; disobedient
  2. coming later than expected or needed
  3. not often; rarely
  4. unpaid when owed
  5. to set aside for a certain purpose

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  1. portraita drawing, painting, or photograph of a person, especially the face


  2. convalescedeserving of attention; outstanding


  3. tempeststormy, wild


  4. rebellionfighting against another's control; disobedient


  5. stimulatea violent windstorm usually with snow, rain, or hail


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