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Humanites Quiz Chapter 3

What was left behind by the Nile's annual flooding?
Deep deposits of fertile soil
What radical change in Egyptian religion did Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) decree?
He mandated worship of one god exclusively
Why did the Egyptian sculptors idealize rulers in their sculptures?
The rulers' perfection mirrored the perfection of the gods themselves
Which god did the Egyptians believe the king personified?
Why was deciphering the Rosetta Stone so significant?
The Stone provided the key to reading hieroglyphs
Why were Egyptians buried with Books of Going Forth by Day (Books of the Dead)?
To help them survive the ritual of judgment
Why are archaeologists so certain that Egypt had contact with other civilizations?
Egyptian artifacts have been discovered throughout the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Mesopotamian worlds
On what measure are the squares in the Egyptian grid system based?
One clenched fist
What kind of government was found in Ancient Egypt?
Why was the Palette of Narmer created?
For a gift to a god or goddess
How can we tell that an Egyptian statue portrays a lesser person?
Lesser persons' statues were often made of less permanent materials
How are the figures on the Palette of Narmer similar to those on the Mesopotamian Royal Standard of Ur?
The king is shown as larger than anyone else
Why did the Egyptians bury their dead on the west side of the Nile?
Because of the symbolic reference to death and rebirth, as the sun sets in the west
Why did the Egyptians go to such lengths to preserve the dead?
The believed the deceased's ka and ba would not recognize a decomposed body
Why did Egyptian artists paint human's faces, arms, legs, and feet in profile?
They believed it was the most characteristic view