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Midterm 1
Human agency
When individuals, either alone or in groups, question, challenge, resist, cope with, and sometimes change social structures and institutions. The concept of human agency confirms the fact that individuals are not helpless in the face of social structures.
Global apartheid
An international system of minority rule whose attributes include: differential access to basic human rights; wealth and power structured by race and place; structural racism, embedded in global economic processes, political institutions and cultural assumptions; and the international practice of double standards that assume inferior rights to be appropriate for certain "others," defined by location, origin, race or gender
Liberation sociology
The use of knowledge obtained from the study of society to challenge social structures which deny equal rights and opportunities to members of socially oppressed groups.
social location
One's position in society based on family background, race, socioeconomic status (SES), religion, and other relevant social characteristics.
social structure
Social structures are the underlying regularities in how people behave and interrelate with one another. Structure refers to those aspects of social life that appear to be beyond our control; outside constraints.
sociological imagination
the ability to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society
The scientific study of society: the scholarly discipline concerned with the systematic study of human social relations, groups, organizations, and societies; the study of group life and those aspects of individual lives that are affected by social interaction.
Structural violence
physical and psychological harm that results from exploitative and unjust social, political and economic systems.
Which of the following is an accurate description of sociology?
A) the systematic study of the relationship between the individual and society
the sociological imagination
is an awarenss of the relationship between individuals and the social forces that shape our lives
Divorce, unemployement, and rising gas prices can be viewed as
D. both private troubles and public issues
which of the following are the key components of the definition of sociology?
all of the answers are correct
the fact that more men than women survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami reveals
A the consequences of difference
a condition in which members of society have differing amounts of wealth, prestige, or power is referred to as
a social inequality
sociology is considered a science because sociologists
engage in organized and systematic study of phenomena to enhance understanding
which of the following would be the type of question a sociologist might ask in studying the global economic crisis that began in 2008?
how do the positions we occupy influence our experience of the crisis?
Emile durkheims explanation of sucide was scientific because
he developed conclusions based on systematic examination of data
which of the following is true about Harriet Martineau
both of the answers are correct
Durkheim was particulary concerned about
the loss of social order
karl marx was concerned about loss of control over our creative human capacity to produce, separation from the products we make, and isolation from our fellow workers, which he called
in karl marxs analysis social inequality is determined by
ownership or lack thereof of key material resources
max webers theory of power included
social status
web dubois investigated power and inequality based on
Ida wells barnett investigated power and inequality based on
gender and race
which of the following is true about Jane addams?
She used sociology as a tool to improve the lives of the urban poor
which sociological perspective would suggest that if an aspect of social life does not contribute to a societys stability, then it does not serve a useful function?
functionalist perscpective
which sociological perspective emphasizes the distribution of power and the allocation of resources?
conflict perspective
the statement "women who recieve welfare are less likely that other women to have babies is an example of
a hypothesis
in which type of sample does each member of the entire population have the same chance of being selected?
random sample
which of the following is true about a research design?
it is a detailed plan or method for scientifically obatining data
surveys most often represent______research, which collects and reports data primarily in numerical form.
the midpoint, or number that divides a series of values into two groups of equla numbers of values is referred to as the
_____ research relies on what sociologist obseve in the field and naturalistic settings, often focusing on small groups and communities
a sociologist decides to study the interaction among students in the college's computer center/ when the students realize they are under observation, they become shy and reserved in their interactions. this is an example of
the hawthorne effect
secondary analysis includes a variety of research techniques that use
previously collected and publicly accessible information and data
erving goffman's pioneerin exploration of how advertisements portray women as dependent upon men is an example of
content analysis
which of the following is a method through which culture is diffuesd?
all of the answers are correct
the physical or technological aspects of our daily lives are calld
material culture
which of the following is true about the sapir-whorf hypothesis
it argues that the primary role of language is to describe reality
whihc of the folllowing terms is not an example of the racial stereotypes transmitted by language?
black tie
a dominant ideology is a
set of cultural beliefs and practices that legitmates existing powerful social, economic, and political interests
which of the following constitues culture shock?
the feelings of disorientation, uncertainity, and eve fear that are experienced when people encounter cultural practices different from their own/
the tendency to assume that one's own culture and way of life represent what is normal or are superior to all others is call