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Never give up


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Add up
Calculate a sum
Add up to
Equal an amount
Ask out
Invite on a date
Ask over
Invite to one's home
Back down
Stop defending your opinion in a debate
Back up
Give support
Break down
Stop working properly
Break in
Break in
Enter a place unlawfully
Break up
End a relationship
Bring about
Cause to happen
Bring up
Raise (a child)
Call for
Require (as in a recipe)
Call off
Cancel something
Call off
Order to stop (an invasion, guard dogs)
Calm down
Make someone relax
Care for
Nurse someone or something
Carry on
Continue (a conversation, a game)
Catch up
Make up for lost time
Catch up with
Speed up to be at the same place as a person or thing in front of you
Clean up
Close down
Close a place permanently
Come across
Discover by accident
Come by
Visit a person at their house
Come up with
Produce or create (an idea, a plan)
Count on
Depend/rely on
Cut down (on)
Decrease the amount of
Dress up
Wear elegant clothes
Drop in
Visit someone unexpectedly
Drop out (of)
Quit an organized activity
Fall behind
Go slower than scheduled, lag
Figure out
Solve something, understand
Find out
Get along (with)
Have a good relationship
Get away
Get away with
Do something bad or illegal and not get caught or punished
Give up
Surrender, abandon
Go off
Go on
Go on
Go through
Endure, experience challenges, difficulties or traumas
Grow up
Hand in
Hand out
Hang up
Put down the telephone receiver
Hang out
Stay in a place for fun
Hear from
Receive news from (a letter, an e-mail)
Keep away
Prevent access to, hold back
Keep up
Live up to
Keep a standard
Look after
Take care of (a child, a house, a pet)
Look for
To seek or search for
Look forward to (-ing)
Anticipate with pleasure
Look up
Search for (in a dictionary)
Make up
Invent (a story)
Make up
Put on cosmetics
Pass away
Put up with
Run away from
Escape from
Run into
Meet unexpectedly
See about
Arrange or consider something
See to
Make sure something happens, arrange
Show off
Boast, draw attention to oneself
Stand up
Not arrive to a date or an appointment
Stand up for
Defend (something one believes in)
Take after
Resemble a parent or relative
Take off
When a plane or rocket leaves the ground
Take off
Take over
Take control of
Tear down
Think over
Think through
Consider carefully
Turn out
End up being
Zero in on
Discover, pinpoint