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(1813-1887) Brother to Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin), Catharine Beecher (American Woman's Home), Isabella Beecher Hooker (woman's rights activist), Charles Beecher (abolitionist). His father: Lyman Beecher "last great Puritan preacher in America"
• Arguably, in his day, most famous of all 12 of his brothers and sister-was accused of having and affair with Elizabeth Tilton, a wife of a business assoc., family split up, never convicted for their racy letters or affair because their love was 'godly' or friendly
• Becomes head of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, NY (19th century version of a mega-church)
• A performer: mock slaves sales, actual chains of John Brown, defending appropriate "amusements," etc, (had a big, dynamic speaking voice on lecture circuit
• Unlike his father's doctrine of self-sacrifice (wrath) and duty, Beecher's is "Gospel of Love" (pleasure).
• Beecher's perspective on the process of becoming a man....Lectures to Young Men, on Various Important Subjects (1846)"With his father's blessing and his mother's tears, the young man departs from home. He has received his patrimony and embarks for life and independence."(1813-1887): head of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, NY. He's unlike his father, who preached Calvinism and doctrine of self-sacrifice (wrath) and duty. Beecher preached "Gospel of Love" (pleasure), and believed everyone's sins could be forgiven. He was an advocate of women's suffrage and `Darwinism, and against slavery (did mock slave trials to demonstrate). He was effective because he based his lectures on things he experienced himself, however, he never mentions anything about relations between young men and women in his lectures, which bites him in the ass later. Beecher-Tilton Affair... tried on charges that he had committed adultery with a friend's wife; it destroyed the reputation of Elizabeth Tilton's husband