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Lessons 5.4-5.5 Quiz Practice

What group of people did Jesus criticize more than anyone else?
Bible doesn't say
Where did Jesus sleep on Monday night of His final week?
What group did Jesus meet with on Monday at Passover week?
because the Greeks went to Jerusalem looking for Jesus
Why did Jesus meet with the Greeks at Passover?
Which prophet did Jesus quote in John 12 to describe the unbelief of the people?
Who was a pretender and actually loved money more than Jesus?
Which disciple did the Greeks find first?
Who asked to see a coin?
Who did not believe in the resurrection?
Who poured expensive perfume all over Jesus' feet?
Simon the leper's house
Where in Bethany did Jesus eat dinner?
What day of the passion week did Jesus dine at Simon the leper's house?
The Greeks were probably Gentile converts to ___?
Who did NOT believe the Messiah was supposed to die and be resurrected?
During the last week of Jesus' life in what city did He eat dinner on Tuesday night?
a Roman coin
What did Jesus ask for when he was questioned about paying taxes to Caesar?
Gave light to men.
What was the first purpose accomplished by Jesus' death?
Saved the world from sin.
What was the second purpose accomplished by Jesus' death?
Obeyed the Father perfectly.
What was the third purpose accomplished by Jesus' death?
They believed Jesus was going to defeat the Romans and rule.
Why did Jesus' teaching about His death create a problem for the Jew's beliefs about the Messiah?
The Gentiles were the first of many who would come to Jesus.
What was Jesus talking about when He said, "The hour has come..."?
Look at were they spend their time and money.
How do you know what people love the most?
wash the feet of their visitors
According to Jewish traditions, what were women supposed to do at dinner?
a wheat stalk
What did Jesus compare His death to?
by Jesus dying many will go to heaven
What did Jesus mean when He compared His death to a stalk of wheat?
What is a response to Jesus about His teachings on death?
without confession
A response to Jesus about His teachings on death was belief ___.
Was John's baptism from heaven or of men?
Give Jesus' answer to the following question: By what authority do you teach these things?
Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
Give Jesus' answer to the following question: Which is the first and most important commandment?
Give material things to Caesar and spiritual things to God.
Give Jesus' answer to the following question: Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?
That age is not like this age. There is no marriage or death in the resurrection.
Give Jesus' answer to the following question: In the resurrection, whose wife will the woman be whose seven husbands died before her?
hypocrites, blind guides, fools, white-washed tombs, murderers, and serpents
List names that Jesus called the Pharisees when He condemned them in Matthew 23?