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Decison-making skills

Steps that enable you to make a healthful decision


Something you aim for that takes planning and work


Your beliefs about what is important


Making a(n) _____ involves considering risks, options, and consequences

Action plan

A(n) _____ can help you identify and achieve a goal


Collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group


All the traits that were biologically passed on to you from your parents


An overall state of well-being

Health education

Providing accurate health information to help people make healthy choices


A written or spoken media message used to interest consumers into buying a product or service


Methods of communicating information

Health consumer

Purchasers or users of health care products or services

Cross training

A variety of exercise routines that work different body systems


The process by which the body breaks down substances and gets energy from food


The part of an exercise program when the activity is performed at its peak

Resting heart rate

The number of times your heart beats in one minute when you are at rest

Physical activity

Any form of movement that causes your body to use energy


An activity that prepares your muscles for work


A condition in which there is the progressive loss of bone tissue


Is a measure of how often you perform an activity

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