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A comprehensive study guide for the Sullivan College of Technology and Design's color theory class for the graphics department; quiz 3, chapters 5 and 6 of Linda Holtzschue's Understanding Color: 4th Edition

when the brain "projects" a missing complementary color onto a neutral field, such as grey.

Simultaneous contrast

when the intensity of two complementary colors is enhanced by close association with each other

Complementary contrast

when the differences between two colors are emphasized by their relationship to each other

ground subtraction

advance relative to cooler colors

warm colors

advance relative to greyer colors

saturated colors

mixing two parent colors equally in an overlapping area between them creates the illusion of


equal bands of value in even intervals creates an illusion of


two very saturated colors placed side by side with no borders can create a sense of


two colors of similar hue and similar value placed in relationship to each other can cause the illusion of

vanishing boundaries

white lines placed over top of a color can create the illusion that the color is


black lines placed over top of a color can create the illusion that the color is


pixels on a monitor, pointillist paintings, process printing dots are all examples of

optical color mixing

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