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Chapter 10 test review. Also study map on pg. 290

Constitutional monarchy

The U.K. has this type of government. (Queen is the head of state but really has little power)

Communist state

Government has a strong control over the economy and the society.

Parliamentary democracy

Form of government in which voters elect elect representatives to a lawmaking body call Parliament.


form of money.


Low swampy lands.

Federal Republic

Type of government where the national government and state government share powers.


Treeless, windy areas with damp ground.


Narrow bays of the British Isles.


Decaying plants used for fuel in Ireland.

Multinational Companies

Firms that do business in several countries. Found in Geneva because it has a neutral government.


Made up of: Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

United Kingdom

Made up of: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain

Made up of: England, Scotland, and Wales.


The trade city of Western Europe.


reclaimed land for agriculture.


A neutral country of Western Europe.


The super highway of Germany.


The systematic murder of 6 million Jews.


The communication and transportation systems of a country.


Used by the U.K. to give power to smaller regions.


I am a tiny Benelux Nation. I depend on trade and agriculture for my economy.


I am home to the Sound of Music. I am now a smaller Alpine Nation.


I was settled by the Celts. Most of my people are Catholic. I am known as the Emerald Isle.


The Chunnel connects me the U.K. I am home to many wine makers.


I am a successful Benelux Nation. I am home to the Flemings and the Walloons. I produce chocolate and lace.


Units of local government in Switzerland.

North Atlantic Current

Responsible for the milder climate in Western Europe.

Black Forest

Located in Germany. Being damaged by acid rain.

Northern Ireland

Violence is occuring here between the Protestants and the Catholics.

Potato Famine

Many people moved from Ireland due to the to the potatoe famine. Too much rain allowed the potatoes to rot and had little to eat.

Germany split after WWII

Germany was split after WW II into two part. One part was has a democracy with ties to the US, the other is communist state with ties to the Soviet Union.

Why does the U.K. import 1/3 of its foods?

The country does not have enough farmland to grow enough food to support its population.

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