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Realistic Fiction
a subgenre of fiction that is set in the modern present with human characters and is based on the premise that the story's plot could actually happen in the real world
Historical Fiction
A story with mostly all fictional characters. The setting is a definite period in history; a real historical place. The conflict is realistic for that time period. Some real events are mixed with fictional events.
Science Fiction
A type of fantasy that uses science and technology (e.g., robots, time machines, aliens, futuristic elements, etc.)
a subgenre of fiction that contains magical elements such as nonexistent worlds, talking animals, and other creatures, and objects or people with superpowers
This is the nonfiction story of the author's own life. It is told in first person and includes the author's thoughts and feelings about events.
Nonfiction story of a real person's life. It is told in the third person and may include interviews and information from newspapers and other sources. Often the subject of a biography is an important person from history.
A short story that usually involves personified animals (animals that behave like people); convey an obvious lesson or moral. Often, the moral is stated at the end of the story.
a fictional story about a character who solves a crime by finding clues leading to the criminal
an ancient story that explains the history of a group of people or about natural events and facts; characters are usually gods and goddesses
Tall tale
a story that exaggerated about a larger-than-life characters performing impossible actions, often for humorous effect; they are usually focused on the American Old West and often feature real places and sometimes real people.
A story that takes place in a specific time in the past and focuses on real people who do extraordinary or heroic deeds. Although parts of the story may be embellished, they are told as if they are true stories.
Informational Text
Nonfiction writing--written with the intention of informing the reader about a specific topic.
A genre that provides the reader with facts, statistics, charts, maps, diagrams, photographs, captions, etc.
A genre that is creative and imaginative and follows a well-developed plot.
A genre of stories passed down orally from generation to generation. The original author is unknown.
A genre where writing is concerned with the beauty of language; usually written in short lines; uses verse, stanzas and lines.
A genre written as a play or script that is meant to be acted and performed.
The writer tries to influence the reader by using facts, statistics, and faulty reasoning.

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