Roman History


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Son of Tarquinius Superbus whose rape of Lucretia ended his father's reign
Sextus Tarquinius
Ideal Roman woman
Husband of Lucretia and cousin of Tarquin
First two consuls of the Roman Republic
Brutus and Collatinus
Saved the city by protecting the Sublician Bridge until the other soldiers were safe and then jumped into the Tiber
Put city above self by fighting at the bridge
Tried to king the Etruscan king Porsenna and burned off his right hand in the process
Mucius Scaevola
Woman who refused to be he,d hostage and led the other female hostages to freedom from the Etruscans
Farmer who was declared dictator, who then returned to his plow when he won the war
Roman government structure
Balance toward the wealthy
Elders rose to this office after they passed through the curses honorum
Police force in Rome who held the fasces
Bundle of twigs and ax used to symbolize power
Symbol on standards of the "senate and people of Rome"
Avenged the death of his cousin Lucretia
First king of Rome
Women stolen to provide wives for first Roman men
Sabine Women
Second king, brought laws and religious rituals to Rome
Numa Pompilius
Third king - known for being warlike
Tullus Hostilis
King who constructed the first Curia
Tullus Hostilis
The triplets who fought for Rome during the time of Tullus Hositlis
Battle fought between these two sets of triplets was won by the cleverness of the Roman set.
Horatii and Curiatii
Fourth King - elected by an assembly of a the people
Ancus Martius
Fifth king -first Etruscan king
Tarquinius Priscus
Wife of Tarquinius Priscus who predicted the rule of her husband
Sixth king who built a good deal of the infrastructure of Rome
Servius Tullius
Daughter of a king killed arranged for her father's assassination and then ran over his body with her chariot
Last king - dictatorial ruler. He was overthrown when his son raped the wife of a cousin.
Tarquinius Superbus
Twins born to overthrow their uncle and left to die
Romulus and Remus
Father of Romulus and Remus
Mother of Romulus and Remus
Rhea Silvia
City founded by Ascanius
Alba Longa
The uncle of Romulus and Remus who tried to kill them.
Grandfather of Romulus and Remus
Found and saved Romulus and Remus
She-wolf (Lupa)
Shepherd who raised Romulus and Remus
Site where Romulus and Remus were saved
Site of the city of Rome
Romulus kills Remus
First king of Rome
Twin killed by his brother
Dictator Perpetuus: after this general was named dictator for life, he was assassinated on the Ides of March in 44BC. His cognomen was adopted by all subsequent emperors.
Julius Caesar
First emperor: nephew of of Julius Caesar, who was named "Princeps" after he defeated Antony and Cleopatra.
Augustus Caesar
Second emperor: stepson and adopted son of Augustus Caesar. Good administrator, but lost respect after he began to live extravagantly in his later years.
Third emperor: great-grandson of Augustus. Reckless emperor who was murdered by his own guards.
Fourth emperor: Reluctant emperor, who was put in place after Caligula was killed. Basically a good emperor until he was murdered by his wife.
Fifth emperor: stepson of Claudius, put in the throne by his mother. He was popular until his behavior became licentious. Committed suicide. Last Julio-Claudian Emperor.
Sixth emperor: General who assumed rule after Nero's death. He was later murdered in the Forum.
Seventh emperor: friend of Nero who assumed the throne after Galba only to commit suicide when Vitellius' troops were outside the city.
Eighth emperor: proclaimed emperor by his legions, but was worse than the others. Killed by the forces of Vespasian. End of military anarchy.
Ninth emperor: Came to Rome with his legions to end the year of the four emperors. Restored stability to the empire and ruled free from vice. Famous for conquest of Judea.
Tenth emperor: elder son of Vespasian. Famous for the destruction of Judea and sacking Jerusalem. Used proceeds from selling the treasures of the Temple to build the Colosseum.
Eleventh emperor: younger brother of Titus, but not nearly as popular. Was famous for his cruelty to Christians and wealthy Romans. His assassination was arranged by his wife.
Twelfth emperor: First of the Five Good Emperors. Reversed many of the evil practices of Domitian. Adopted Trajan as his son to follow him.
Thirteenth emperor: first emperor to be born outside of Italy. Restored free speech and other public institutions. Adopted son of Nerva and adopted Hadrian as his successor.
Fourteenth emperor: famous for building a Great Wall across the boundary of then Britain and Scotland. Cancelled taxes. Adopted son of Trajan and adopted Antoninus Pius as his son.
Fifteenth emperor: was the adopted son of Hadrian known for his goodness. He built schools and other public works; encouraged trade. Adopted two sons - Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus.
Antoninus Pius
Sixteenth Emperor: the philosopher emperor. Regretted his bad treatment of Christians. Was forced to fight many wars in the Middle East. Co-emperor with Lucius Verus.
Marcus Aurelius
Seventeenth emperor: co-emperor with Marcus Aurelius and adopted son of Antoninus Pius. Lived a dissolute lifestyle and died in battle. His army brought the plague back to Rome.
Lucius Verus
Eighteenth Emperor: son of Marcus Aurelius who was a brutal emperor. He lived and fought with his gladiators. Was assassinated by his mistress.