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bajrar de peso

to lose weight

buscar un pasatiempo

to find a hobby

la cabeza



to walk

el cuello


los dedos


dejar de fumar

to quit smoking


to hurt


to get angry

Es que

it's because...

estar aburrido

to be bored

estar cansado

to be tired

estar contento

to be happy

estar enfermo

to be sick

estar enojado

to be angry

estar nervioso

to be nervous

estar triste

to be sad

el estómago


la garganta


hacer yoga

to do yoga

las manos


Me duele......

My _________ hurts

el oído

inner ear

los pies


Qué te pasa?

What's wrong with you?

Qué tiene?

What's the matter with

seguir una dieta sana

to eat a balanced diet


to feel

subir de peso

to gain weight

Te duele algo?

Does something hurt?

Te veo mal.

You don't look well.

tener catarro

to have a cold


too much

dormir lo suficiente

to get enough sleep


neither/ nor

No debes

you shouldn't

Para cuidarte la salud

to take care of your health

para cuidarte mejor

to take better care of yourself

tanta grasa

so much fat


so muchj

tanto dulce

so many sweets

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