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la tarjeta de embarque

boarding pass

la hora de embarque

boarding time

la aduana

Customs (area)

el/la aduanero(a)

Customs agent

el control de seguridad

security check

el destino


la inspección


el despegue

the departure, the take off

el aterrizaje

the landing

la llegada

the arrival

la salida

the departure


to arrive


to leave, go out


to embark, get on


to get off, to disembark

subir al

to get on, to get into

bajar del

to get off, to get down from


to fly


to travel

hacer un viaje

to take/make a trip

hacer las maletas

to pack the bags

deshacer las maletas

to unpack the bags

hacer una reservación

to make a reservation


to reserve

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