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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Vocabulary I-O


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Illustrator Effects
A list of primarily vector-based effects.
Image Map
A feature which allows the user to associate an image with a web address.
A process in which a user may bring files from other programs into Illustrator CC.
Intellectual Property
A work or invention which is the result of creativity that the creater has rights to by applying a patent, copyright, or trademark.
Isolation Mode
A mode which allows the user to go inside an object or group and edit a particular element.
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG/JPG) is a common image file format that is used for web images. It can be compressed in many ways and still maintain a good quality.
Altering the distance between two characters. Kerning can make text more readable by increasing or decreasing the spacing.
Kuler Panel
A panel in Illustrator CC which links with the user's online Adobe Kuler account to display custom swatches.
Layer Stacking Order
The rule wherein objects on a layer will appear above objects on lower layers.
The editing/compositing areas that behave as transparent sheets on top of an image and enable the editing of specific elements of an image without affecting any other areas.
The space between lines of text.
A basic component in art and geometry that is used to define shape.
The default video format any Apple video program will use by default.
Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is an international standard used to encode and compress video images.
Merge Swatch
The act of replacing all instances of one swatch with another.
A process in which two or more letters are blended with each other as specified by the user.
An option which controls the level of transparency.
Opacity Mask
A mask which controls visibility using black and white where sections masked by black are transparent and sections masked by white are opaque.