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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Vocabulary S-W


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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a newer vector-based file format that combines vector image information with what is essentially code. Used in web design, imagery in this format can be scaled and rendered to a desired size and maintain its quality.
Scale Tool
A tool designed to help the user easily enlarge or reduce the size of an object.
Scallop Tool
A tool used to incorporate scallop-like shapes into an object.
A basic principle in art. Triangles and squares are examples of shapes. They are two dimensional by nature.
Shape Builder Tool
A tool that instinctively shows the user parts of the selected art that can be merged to form new shapes when the user hovers over such areas with the pointer.
Shear Tool
A tool used to morph an object on a shear angle.
Slice Tool
A tool which allows an image to be divided into individual parts that will be exported with HTML in order to be put back in the correct order on the web.
Smooth Tool
A tool used to smooth points on a path.
Source File
A document that is the origin of a file that has been imported or embedded into Illustrator CC.
Spot Color
A specific color swatch often used in printing to ensure exact color matches. Spot colors are inherently global.
The outline of a shape
Swatches Panel
A panel within Illustrator which allows a user to keep track of colors used within a file.
A created or inserted object that has been saved in such a way that the user may easily reuse it in an art project.
A visually uncomfortable distance that occurs in both how objects relate to each other and with the canvas.
A term that refers to the visual surface or tactile surface of an object.
Title-Safe Area
A designated area within the document to remind the user of the video display area.
Tools Panel
A panel within Illustrator which contains tools for working within the program.
The measurement of space between all characters.
Twirl Tool
A tool used to create swirl movements in an object.
Type Tool
A design tool in which the user may manipulate text to produce a text-based design.
The style or appearance of printed matter.
Vanishing Point
A principle of perspective used to define depth in an otherwise two dimensional environment.
An image type that uses mathematics to create imagery.
Vector Tiles
Tiles that are separated by grooves which are extended as far as the image may be extended.
Visual Hierarchy
The order in which our eyes perceive things.
Windows Media Video (WMV) is the video format any Microsoft video program will use by default.
Warp Tool
A tool used to warp an object by conforming to the movement of the cursor.
White Space
The area that exists around the elements of a composition. It can be white or just a space that is not filled with a specific element.
Width Tool
A tool used to manipulate the stroke on an object.
Wrinkle Tool
A tool used to wrinkle the edges of an object.