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  1. Endangered Species Act
  2. Fire Climax ecosystems
  3. Eutrophic
  4. Epiphytes
  5. Fuel wood
  1. a The federal legislation that mandates protection of species and their habitats that are in danger of extinction.
  2. b A stage in the ecological succession of a lake where nutrient rich water provides abundant growth of algae and or other aquatic plants. Called middle-aged lake.
  3. c the wood used in many developing countries for cooking and heating
  4. d Also known as airplants, some nutrients for the air. usually tropical plants grow on trees but are not parasitic.
  5. e Ecosystems that are dependent on the fire for their reproduction and regeneration.

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  1. Combination of evaporation and transpiration
  2. the origination point of an earthquake
  3. A species where the population is declining, and may be endanger of extinction without positive human intervention. Reasons are habitat destruction and pollution. organisms include specialists that need specific habitat needs.
  4. A blend of 90% gasoline and 10% alcohol, used to help extend gasoline supplies.
  5. Splitting of an atom into two atoms of lighter elements. This is basic of nuclear energy production

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  1. First Law of ThermodynamicsRefers to the atoms, usually radioactive and the subatomic particles resulting from the splitting of atoms in a nuclear reactor.


  2. GeothermalA bay open to the ocean at one end and receiving fresh water from a river at the other end, hence mixing of fresh and salt water occurs.


  3. Global WarmingThe naturally hot interior of Earth.


  4. Food WebSimplified view of the transfer of energy and material from one organism to another. They are never very long due to the tremendous energy lost at each step.


  5. EutrophicationThe natural aging process of a lake that is greatly accelerated by human actions. also called cultural eutrophication, casued by additions of nutrients mainly nitrogen and phosphorus