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1) Today, the INS (Immigration and Naturalism Service) is under the Department of

Homeland Security

2) According to the text, the "baby-boom" generation are people who were born

between 1946 and 1964

3) The States current water supply will meet only _____________ percent of the projected demand by 2050.


4) Recent population projections in Texas show that

percentage of Anglos in the state will decline while other ethnic groups will increase

5) The most important cause of atmospheric pollution in Texas is probably

The internal combustion engine

The origin of Texas cattle ranching can be traced to

Gregorio de Villalobos and the Spanish-Moorish cattle brought from Spain to Mexico.

7) The origin of the name of the State of Texas comes from

the Native American Caddo word "tejas," which means friendly.

Most service jobs pay

lower wages and salaries than manufacturing firms.

The collapse of Enron occurred because of

improper accounting and business practices that concealed the true fiscal condition of the corporation.

Before the Civil War, the hill country north of San Antonio was settled by

Mostly anti-slavery German immigrants

According to Professor Daniel Elazar, the political culture of Texas is

individualistic and traditionalistic.

The approximate area of Texas in square miles is


In 1972, Barbara Jordan became

the first African American to represent Texas in Congress since Reconstruction.

Houston is situated in the

Gulf Coastal Plains

The international boundary that separates Texas from Mexico is the

Rio Grande and Rio Bravo

Cotton was first produced in large quantities for sale abroad

utilizing slave labor in East Texas.

The Texas Education Agency reports that about one-fifth of the state's teachers leave the profession because

They recieve poor pay;
They get inadequate benefits;
They are treated with little respect.

One of the fastest growing economic sectors in Texas today is

the service industry

Population shifts in Texas

math the national pattern with shifts from rural to urban and from large cities to suburbs

As a result of pressure from the NAACP in 2000, several plaques were removed from the Texas Supreme Court Building. These plaques

bore the likeness of the Confederate battle flag and the official Confederate seal

The two sources for the powers of the Texas government to govern are the

Texas Constitution and Texas's membership in the federal Union

The Texas Constitution has been criticized

for being too long and lacking organization

According to Jose Robert Juarez, Jr., and overlooked reason for Texans to revolt against Mexico was

language differences

Voter turnout for amendments

is always low

According to the textbook, the most disorganized segment of the Texas Constitution is that relating to

local government - scattered through Articles III, V, VII, IX, and XVI

In the American federal system, state constitutions are

subjust to the U.S. Constitution

Understanding the difference between state government and federal government involves

understanding that state constitutions are subject to the U.S. Constitution

Separation of powers

places the lawmaking, law-enforcing, and law-interpreting powers in distinct departments of government

The process for amending the Texas Constitution is a proposal by

two-thirds of the membership of each house of the legislature and ratification by a simple majority of voters casting ballots on the amendment

The principal means by which constitutional change has occurred in Texas since 1876 is

constitutional amendment

The special election of 1975 on the proposed Texas Constitution resulted in

defeat of all eight submissions with a low turnout

Constitutional amendment are voted on in elections called by

the legislature

The governor's role in the constitutional amendment process

is limited to the ability to use personal influence to sway the outcome

Two amendment adopted in 1999 and 2001 authorized

the elimination of obsolete wording from the Constitution

Because of the prevailing political philosophy among delegates in 1875, the Texas government may exercise

only those powers specified in the Texas Constitution

A good description of the 1876 Texas Constitution would be that it is

lengthy, confusing, and badly written

Which of the following provisions is found in the 1876 Constitution and could be characterized as a reaction against Reconstruction?

Repeal of compulsory school attendance laws and reinstatement of white racist segregation in public schools

The first President of Texas under the republic was

Sam Houston

Governor Rick Perry, in opposing federal stimulus funds from the Obama Administration hinted

at seceding from the Union

According to the text, Texas has had _____________ constitutions


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