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Edexcel Geography B - The Changing Economy of the UK

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Brownfield site
a piece of land that has been used and abandoned, and is now awaiting some new use
the decline in industrial activity in a region or an economy
Derelict land
land on which factories or houses have been demolished
Digital economy
refers to an economy that is based on digital technology, including digital communication network, computers, software, and other related information technologies
Enterprise zone
areas designated by the government to promote economic growth, by being able to offer financial benefits such as grants for buildings and machinery and a relaxation of planning regulations
the process, led by transnational companies, whereby the world's countries are all becoming part of one vast global economy
Green sector
that part of economic activity that pays attention to environmental issues
Greenfield site
a piece of land that has not been built on before, but is now being considered for development
working from home and using lCT methods to
communicate with their place of business or clients
Industrial structure
The mix or set of industries constituting the industrial makeup of a region.
taking too many fish (or other organisms) from the water before they have had the time to reproduce and replenish stocks for the next generation
Primary industry
the economic activities that involve the working of natural resources - agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining and quarrying
Quaternary industry
the economic activities that provide intellectual services - information gathering and processing, universities, and research and development
Secondary industry
the economic activities that involve making things, either by manufacturing (TV, car, etc.) or construction (a house, road, etc.). The sector also includes public utilities, such as producing electricity and gas
any form of work in which telecommunications replace work-related travel (commuting)
Tertiary industry
the economic activities that provide various services - commercial (shops and banks), professional (solicitors and dentists), social (schools and hospitals), entertainment (restaurants and cinemas) and personal (hairdressers and fitness trainers)