Tenor Chapter 8 Algebra


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The sum of two monomials.
degree of a monomial
The sum of the exponents of all its variables.
degree of a polynomial
The greatest degree of any term in the polynomial.
difference of two squares
Two perfect squares separated by a subtraction sign.
To express a polynomial as a product of monomials and polynomials.
factoring by grouping
The use of the distributive property to factor some polynomials having four or more terms.
FOIL method
To multiply two binomials, find the sum of the products of the First terms, the Outer terms, the Inner terms, and the Last terms.
leading coefficient
The coefficient of the term with the highest degree in a polynomial.
perfect square trinomial
A trinomial that is the square of a binomial.
A monomial or sum of monomials.
prime polynomial
A polynomial that cannot be written as the sum of two polynomials with integral coefficients.
quadratic equation
An equation of the form ax^2+bx+c=0, where a>0.
quadratic expression
An expression in one variable with a degree of 2 written in the form ax^2+bx+c.
standard form of a polynomial
A polynomial that is written with the terms in order from greatest degree to least degree.
The sum of three monomials.