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Planets and Stars Quiz

List the planets in order starting with the closest from the Sun.
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
How long is Haumea?
1,218 miles long
What is the name of the belt that four of the dwarf planets live in?
Kuiper belt
Why does Hameau look tilted?
Because it spins on its axis at such a high speed.
What is the largest known dwarf planet?
Which dwarf planet was discovered first?
Name the dwarf planets in order of distance from the Sun (closest to farthest)
Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris
How thick is the asteroid belt?
~ 1 AU
Approximately how far is Ceres from the earth?
~ 2.77 AU
What are the 3 largest objects in the asteroid belt that is not a dwarf planet?
Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea.
What are the 2 dots in Ceres called?
The Eye
What is a comet made up of?
Rocks, dust, ice and frozen gases
Where is the Asteroid Belt located?
Between Mars and Jupiter
What does the Asteroid Belt seperate?
Separates the Inner Planets from the Outer Planets
Roughly, how many Earths can fit along the diameter of Saturn?
What is Saturn's atmosphere mostly made up of?
Hydrogen and Helium
What are the average wind speeds of Saturn?
1,100 MPH
Who discovered Saturn and when was it discovered?
Galileo in 1610
How many known moons does Saturn have?
62 known moons
What are the names of Mars' moons?
Phobos and Deimos
What is the name of the largest volcano in our solar system and on which planet is it located?
Olympus Mons and Mars
What is the name of the Earth's moon?
The Moon
What are the two gasses that are most prominent in Earth's atmosphere?
Nitrogen and Oxygen
How many days are in an Earth year?
365 days
Name the 7 continents on Earth
Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Antarctica
How many miles away is Earth from Mars?
About 250 million miles
How many moons does Jupiter have?
67 moons
What is Jupiter's atmosphere made of?
Helium and Hydrogen
How long does it take Jupiter to orbit the Sun?
11.8 years
Who discovered Jupiter?
Galileo Galilei
What is the name of the giant storm on the surface of Jupiter?
The Great Red Spot
What is the largest planet in our Solar System?
27 How many planets away is Uranus from the sun?
7 planets
What degree tilt does Uranus spin on?
98 degrees
Who discovered Uranus and when did they discover it?
William Herschel and March 13, 1781
How many moons does Uranus have?
Which planet was the first to be discovered by telescope?
What is the largest moon of Neptune?
How many moons does Neptune have?
13 moons
Which planet has the fastest winds in the solar system and how fast are they?
Neptune and 1500 MPH
What is the name of the largest storm on Neptune?
The Great Dark Spot
What is the primary component of Neptune's atmosphere?
What is created in a stellar nebula?
What is the order of the life cycle of an average star?
Average star, Red giant, Planetary Nebula, White dwarf, Black dwarf
What things can a supernova produce?
Neutron star or Black Hole
What is the order of the life cycle of a massive star?
Massive star, Red Supergiant, Supernova, Neutron Star and Black hole
What is the difference between a stellar nebula and a planetary nebula?
A stellar nebula is where stars are created and a planetary nebula is a step in the life cycle of a star.