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MCTS 70-680 | Quick Checks

What is the difference between Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions?
The difference is in the licensing arrangements. Windows 7 Enterprise can be used only by organizations that have enterprise licensing agreements with Microsoft. Windows 7 Ultimate uses a retail license.
Under which conditions is it not possible to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?
You cannot upgrade from an x86 version of Windows Vista to an x64 version of Windows 7, nor from an x64 version of Windows Vista to an x86 version of Windows 7. It is also not possible to upgrade from certain editions of Windows Vista to certain editions of Windows 7.
Which Windows Easy Transfer method should you use when you want to perform a wipe-and-load migration?
The only Windows Easy Transfer method that supports wipe-and-load migrations is the External Hard Disk or USB flash drive method.
Which Windows AIK tool do you use to create an answer file that enables hands-free installation of a WIM image?
Windows SIM
What file can you create, if you want, to instruct the ImageX tool to exclude specified files and folders when capturing a system image?
The Wimscript.ini file.
How does ImageX detect the Wimscript.ini file?
You save the file in the same folder as the ImageX tool (Imagex.exe), and ImageX detects it automatically.
What management tools are provided by WDS?
The Windows Deployment Services MMC snap-in GUI tool and the WDSUTIL command-line tool
Which of these tools can you use to pre-stage a client computer?
The WDSUTIL command-line tool
You want to add all the drivers in the folder C:\Orinsnewdrivers and its subfolders to the mounted offline image in D:\Orinsimage. What command would you use?
dism /image:d:\orinsimage /add-driver /driver:d:\orinsimage /recurse
You want to display information about two patch files, Mypatch.msp and Otherpatch. msp, both in C:\Windows\Patches, in an image mounted in
D:\Myimages\Mountedimage1. What command would you use?
dism /image:d:\myimages\mountedimagei /check-apppatch
You want more information about the package Package_for_KB654321~22cf8952ad824e22~x86~~ in a WIM image currently mounted in the
folder C:\MountedImages. What command would you use?
dism /image:c:\mountedimages /get-packageinfo
You want to obtain a list of PE settings in a mounted Windows PE image in the folder C:\Mypeimage. What command do you enter in the elevated Deployment
Tools command prompt?
dism /image:c:\mypeimage /get-pesettings
You need to determine the amount of Windows PE system volume scratch space available on a Windows PE system volume in a mounted Windows PE image in the folder C:\Mypeimage when booted in RAMdisk mode. What command do you enter in the elevated Deployment Tools command prompt?
dism /image:c:\ mypeimage /get-targetpath
Your offline-mounted WIMimage file is in C:\Images\Mounted. An unattend answer file that you want to associate with this image has the file path
C:\Answerfiles\Unattend\Unattend.hml. What command associates the answer file with the image?
dism /image:c:\images\mounted /apply-unattend:c:\answerfiles\unattend\unattend.hml
You have installed Windows AIK and MDT 2010. What additional software tools do you require to implement ZTI?
SCCM 2007 and SQL Server.
What partition type enables you to have more than four partitions on each disk?
You have selected a volume using the Diskpart tool. What command tells you the maximum amount by which you can shrink it?
shrink querymax
Which compatibility option should you enable for a program that needs administrative privileges but that triggers a User Account Control prompt?
You should enable the Run This Program As An Administrator option because this allows the application to run using elevated privileges. The user is presented with a User Account Control prompt prior to elevated privileges being granted.
What is the advantage of using a hash rule over a path rule?
Hash rules are like digital fingerprints that identify a unique file. A path rule only works based on a file name and path, which means that malware can be inserted into locations covered by path rules and executed.
What is the binary number 00001010 11110000 10101010 01000000 in dotted decimal notation?
Are the IPv4 addresses and on the same subnet? Both have a subnet mask of
The subnet mask specifies that the final octet holds the host address. Therefore the first three octets hold the subnet's network address. In both cases, this is, so the computers are on the same subnet.
Is a valid IPv4 address on the subnet?
No. The /25 subnet mask specifies 25 ones and therefore 32 - 25 = 7 zeros. Zeros denote host address. Therefore, the host address is from 0000001 to 1111110 binary (0000000 is the network address and 111111 the broadcast address). In
decimal, this is 1 to 126. So the valid IPv4 addresses on the network are to is not in this range and therefore is not valid on this subnet. It is an address on another subnet (for example,
You have purchased a secondhand computer and are connecting it to a hybrid network that obtains its configuration from DHCP provided by a third-party WAP. The computer is not wireless-enabled, so you plug it into the Ethernet switch on the WAP and switch it on. It cannot access the Internet. You use the Ipconfig tool and discover that the computer has an IP address of You know the WAP is working properly and the Ethernet connection is okay. What should you check next?
Check that the computer is set to receive its IPv4 configuration dynamically. It has not been reconfigured by DHCP on the WAP and its previous owner has probably configured it statically with the address. You need to reconfigure the
computer to receive its IPv4 settings dynamically.
How do you restore the default firewall settings?
In Control Panel, click System and Security. Click Windows Firewall. In the left pane, click Restore Defaults.
What type of address is fec0:0:0:eadf::1ff?
Unicast site-local
How many bits are in an IPv4 address?
How many bits are in an IPv6 address?
What Netsh command lists site IDs?
netsh interface ipv6 show address level=verbose
What Netsh command could you use to identify the IPv6 address of your default router interface?
netsh interface ipv6 show route
You are adding a new computer to a wired network that connects to the Internet through a cable modem attached to one of your computers by a USB cable.
The new computer is configured to obtain its IP configuration automatically. When you switch the new computer on, it is configured with an IP address,
a subnet mask, and IP addresses for its default gateway and DNS server. Where does it get this information?
From the computer attached to the modem, which is configured to run ICS.
From which dialog box can you add a new protocol, server service, or client service?
The Local Area Connections Properties dialog box
What setting do you need to configure to allow Remote Desktop connections from computers running Windows XP Professional SP2.
You must configure Remote Desktop to allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop, rather than only allowing connections from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication.
What protocol must be present on local computers running Windows Server 2008 if you are going to forward Windows Remote Assistance invitations using
Easy Connect in a LAN environment?
The Peer Name Resolution Protocol feature must be installed on Windows Server 2008 for clients running Windows 7 on a LAN to be able to use Easy Connect.
Which tool can you use to determine which files and folders that users are accessing remotely on a client running Windows 7 configured with shared folders?
You can use the Shared Folders\Open Files node to determine which files and folders are being accessed remotely on a client running Windows 7.
Which additional permissions are assigned when you assign the Modify (Allow) permission?
When you assign the Modify (Allow) permission, Windows also assigns the Read & Execute (Allow), List Folder Contents (Allow), Read (Allow), and Write (Allow) permissions automatically.
Which permission should you assign when you want to allow a user to modify the contents of a file, but not delete that file?
The Write permission allows a user to modify the contents of a file, but not delete it.
If you move a folder to a new location on the same volume, do the folder and its contents retain their original NTFS permissions?
Yes. When files or folders are moved to a new location on the same volume, they retain all their original NTFS permissions.
Which BranchCache mode should you use if there are no servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 at your branch office?
You should use Distributed Cache mode. Hosted Cache mode requires a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 on the LAN.
What is the difference between the Always Notify Me And Dim My Desktop Until I Respond and Always Notify Me UAC settings?
The Always Notify Me And Dim My Desktop Until I Respond setting uses Secure Desktop in conjunction with UAC. When the more secure option is in effect, you must respond to the UAC prompt before you can continue to use your computer.
If the Always Notify Me setting is enabled, you can continue working without having to respond directly to the UAC prompt.
How can you delete credentials that you stored when using Runas with the /savecred option?
You can delete the credentials using Credential Manager.
Which IPv6 transition technology does DirectAccess use if you are in a remote location and your computer has been assigned a public IPv4 address, but not a public IPv6 address?
DirectAccess uses the 6to4 IPv6 transition technology if the client is assigned a public IPv4 address but not a public IPv6 address.
Which VPN protocol supports automatic reconnection?
IKEv2 supports automatic reconnection.
Which policy must you configure to allow a computer that does not have a TPM chip to use BitLocker with a startup key stored on a compatible USB device?
You must configure the Require Additional Authentication At Startup policy to allow a computer that does not have a TPM chip to use BitLocker with a startup key stored on a compatible USB device.
What are some of the differences between transparent caching and BranchCache when it comes to shared folders on remote networks?
Transparent caching does not require file servers running Windows Server 2008 R2. Transparent caching does not use a shared file cache. Windows 7 Professional supports
transparent caching. Transparent caching can be used with computers that are not members of a domain.
Which Windows Update-related tasks can a user with standard privileges complete?
A user with standard privileges is able to install updates. A user with standard privileges is unable to hide or uninstall updates. A user with standard privileges cannot change update settings.
What steps can users of Internet Explorer take to ensure that there is no record of their browsing session available the next time they open the browser?
Browsing using InPrivate Browsing mode ensures that no record of a browsing session is available from within Internet Explorer.
On which tab of the Performance Monitor Properties dialog box can you specify how often the graphs update?
On the General tab, in the Graph Elements group, you can adjust the Sample Every box to change how frequently the graph updates.
Which rights does a user need to be able to monitor performance data remotely?
At a minimum, the user's account must be a member of the Performance Log Users group and the Event Log Readers group on the remote computer.
What would a stability index of 10 indicate?
The maximum value of the stability index is 10. This value indicates that the computer has been stable over the previous 28 days with no failures or reboots. It also indicates that no software updates and service packs that require a reboot
have been applied during that time.
You want to change the priority of a process on a computer. How do you do this?
n Open Task Manager. In the Processes tab, right-click the process and click Set Priority. You can choose Realtime, High, Above Normal, Normal, Below Normal, or Low.
All the client computers on your production network run Windows 7 Enterprise. They all have a single internal hard disk. You do not intend to provide an external hard disk for every client computer. You want to perform regular System Image backups. What type of backup destination would you use?
In this scenario, you would back up to a network share on either a storage network system or a file server.
You want to schedule System Image Backup to run every two weeks. How would you do this?
You would create a batch file that uses the Wbadmin utility to perform a System Image backup. You would use Task Scheduler in the Computer Management console
to schedule this task to run on a specified day at a specified time every two weeks.
Under what circumstances can you undo a system restore?
If you boot Windows 7 normally or from Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) and subsequently perform a system restore, this creates a restore point that enables you to undo the system restore.
You use the Enable Boot Logging option in Advanced Boot Options. What file does this create and what information is stored in this file?
Enable Boot Logging creates a file named Ntbtlog.txt, which lists all drivers that load during startup, including the last file to load before a failure occurs.