Zoology Amphibian Test

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Approximately how many living species of amphibian are there?
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How many chambers are in the heart of an adult amphibian?3 chambers; 2 atria, 1 ventricleWhy does the nitrogen containing waste of adult amphibians have to be converted into urine before it can be eliminated from the body?They are terrestrial , ammonia is toxicDescribe several sensory structures that the frog has that are not seen in fishesNicitating membrane- protects from under water damage ; tympanic membrane- hearExplain mating in frogs. Is fertilization internal or external?Male climbs onto female back and squeezes, most are external; some are internalCompare and contrast salamanders with frogs/toadsFrogs/toads lose tails as adults, have gills or lungs; salamanders keep tails, larva/adult are carnivore; both are vertebrates, amphibians and live double lifeCompare and contrast frogs with toads .Frogs spend most of the time in streams/ponds, they are smoother skin and more green; toads often live in moist woods, have rough skin, and are more brown