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The Bluest Eye Characters


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Pecola Breedlove
The protagonist of the novel, an eleven-year-old black girl who believes that she is ugly and that having blue eyes would make her beautiful
Claudia MacTeer
The narrator of parts of the novel; an independent and strong-minded nine-year-old
Cholly Breedlove
Pecola's father, who is impulsive and violent—free, but in a dangerous way
Pauline (Polly) Breedlove
Pecola's mother, who believes that she is ugly; this belief has made her lonely and cold
Frieda MacTeer
Claudia's older sister who loves Shirley Temple
Mrs. MacTeer
Claudia's mother, an authoritarian and sometimes callous woman who nonetheless steadfastly loves and protects her children
Mr. MacTeer
Claudia's father, who works hard to keep the family fed and clothed, and protects them from dangers of the outside world
Mr. Henry
The MacTeers' boarder, who charms the girls and seems kindly until he molests Frieda
Maureen Peal
A light-skinned, wealthy black girl who is new at the local school
A middle-class black woman who feels real affection only for her cat
Aunt Jimmy
Cholly's caretaker, who makes Cholly feel guilty by always telling him how she rescued him
Soaphead Church
a charlatan who tricks people into believing he can grant their wishes and interpret their dreams
an angry young black boy who wrongly accuses Pecola of killing his cat
The Maginot Line
Miss Marie, one of the largest and toughest of the whores, who Pecola sees as a role model