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  1. Compared to teh government under the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution gave teh central government
  2. The Declaration of Independence
  3. The primary author of the Declaration of Independence
  4. The two key elements of the Madisonan model were to
  5. The Federalist Papers were
  1. a economic stability
  2. b 85 articles by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison (Publius) to defend the Constitution
  3. c was Thomas Jefferson
  4. d keep most of the government beyond the control of the majority; separate the powers of different institution
  5. e stated grievances against teh British monarch and was a Declaration of Independence

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  1. more egalitarian and democratic
  2. slaves were legal (except in Massachussets)
  3. resolved the impasse between those who favored the New Jersey Plan and those who favored the Virginia Plan
  4. two
  5. be too much change

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  1. Under the Articles of Confederation, power in the states began to shift to the hands ofthe state governments


  2. In order to put the national economy on sound footing, the Constitution obligated teh new government to _________ all the government debts incurred under the Constitutional Congress.create a policy for


  3. Ratification of the Constitution was done byrequired 9 of 13 states to approve it


  4. The primary goal of the American Revolution wasto gain independence from Britain


  5. The framers of the Constitution gave the chief economic policymaking role toCongress