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  1. The most important effect of the constitutional amendments has been to
  2. How has the Electoral College changed from the original intent of the framers?
  3. The foundationof John Locke's philosophy was that human beings
  4. The Virgina and New Jersey Plans introducede at teh Constitutional Convention differed mainly over whether
  5. Reflecting the natural rights philosophy, the Declaration of Independence stated that governments derive their just powers from
  1. a the people
  2. b more egalitarian and democratic
  3. c the representation was equal or based on population
  4. d emphasize equality and increase ability of people to affect the government
  5. e can revolt against the government if necessary

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  1. all people are equal
  2. New Jersey Plan
  3. keep most of the government beyond the control of the majority; separate the powers of different institution
  4. be too much change
  5. representatives from 12 states

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  1. Most of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention regarded what as the greatest threat to government?factions like instability, tyranny, and violence


  2. Ratification of the Constitutionrequired 9 of 13 states to approve it


  3. The Articles of Confederation were adopted bystate legislatures


  4. The British levied new taxes on its North American colonies in the eighteenth century in order to pay forcolonial administration and defense


  5. Under the Articles of Confederation, power in the states began to shift to the hands ofthe state governments