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  1. Reflecting the natural rights philosophy, the Declaration of Independence stated that governments derive their just powers from
  2. The Virgina and New Jersey Plans introducede at teh Constitutional Convention differed mainly over whether
  3. Ratification of the Constitution was done by
  4. What was the significance of the Annapolis meeting?
  5. The Declaration of independence was a
  1. a the people
  2. b the representation was equal or based on population
  3. c special conventions in each state
  4. d document declaring american independence from Britain
  5. e discussed problems from the Articles of Confederation

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  1. a justification of a revolution
  2. was Thomas Jefferson
  3. is to have each branch check and regulate each other to keep the system balanced
  4. confederate
  5. create a policy for

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  1. Opposition to ratification of the Constitution was based on the belief that it wouldbe too much change


  2. Constitutional amendments are usually ratified byspecial conventions in each state


  3. Under the Articles of Confederation, most power rested with thestate legislatures


  4. As originally established by the Constitution, the House of Representatives had how many members from each state?be too much change


  5. The primary goal of the American Revolution wasrequired 9 of 13 states to approve it