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  1. A small band of farmers in western Massachussetts took up arms in what is remembered as
  2. The Federalist Papers were
  3. The American Revolution was based upon the ideas of
  4. The separation of powers and the checks and balances established by the Constitution
  5. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution
  1. a declaring independence
  2. b is to have each branch check and regulate each other to keep the system balanced
  3. c Shay's Rebellion
  4. d in response to Anti-Federalist papers
  5. e 85 articles by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison (Publius) to defend the Constitution

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  1. it was a core idea and the main focus
  2. divide power and gives guarantees to the citizens
  3. various and unequal distribution of property
  4. laws are determined by an innate moral sense
  5. address problems with the economy

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  1. The British government stepped up its control over the American colonies with new taxes and stronger commerce regulations right aftercolonial administration and defense


  2. Under the Articles of Confederation, most power rested with thethe state governments


  3. The government designed at the Constitutional Convention allowed the voters to directly electrepresentatives


  4. Lockean thought and the Declaration of Independence are similar in that bothgive people responsibility and focus on the people


  5. Constitutional amendments are usually ratified bylegisatures of 3/4 of states or special state conventions in 4/4 states