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  1. According to James Madison and many of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention, what is the primary source of political conflict?
  2. The Declaration of Independence was primarily
  3. The separation of powers and the checks and balances established by the Constitution
  4. John Locke's ideas on natural rights were related to human law in that
  5. Those who met at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were
  1. a representatives from 12 states
  2. b various and unequal distribution of property
  3. c laws are determined by an innate moral sense
  4. d a justification of a revolution
  5. e is to have each branch check and regulate each other to keep the system balanced

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  1. emphasize equality and increase ability of people to affect the government
  2. colonists had no representation in Parliament; boycotted British goods; formed First Continental Congress
  3. the Continental Congress
  4. factions like instability, tyranny, and violence
  5. state legislatures

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  1. To propose a formal amendment to the Constitution, one needs to have aemphasize equality and increase ability of people to affect the government


  2. As originally established by the Constitution, the House of Representatives had how many members from each state?different amounts based on population


  3. Among the factors that contributed to economic turmoil under the Articles of Confederation was tehunpayable debts


  4. The American Revolution was based upon the ideas ofdocument declaring american independence from Britain


  5. The system of checks and balances in the Constitution means thatdifferent institutions work together to regulate their actions