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  1. What was the original, sole, and express purpose of the convention in Philadelphia?
  2. In order to put the national economy on sound footing, the Constitution obligated teh new government to _________ all the government debts incurred under the Constitutional Congress.
  3. Among the factors that contributed to economic turmoil under the Articles of Confederation was teh
  4. The Declaration of independence was a
  5. To propose a formal amendment to the Constitution, one needs to have a
  1. a 2/3 vote in each house of Congress or a national convention called by Congress at the request of 2/3 state legislatures
  2. b document declaring american independence from Britain
  3. c create a policy for
  4. d unpayable debts
  5. e to make a constitution and revise the Articles of Confederation

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  1. special conventions in each state
  2. keep most of the government beyond the control of the majority; separate the powers of different institution
  3. two
  4. colonists had no representation in Parliament; boycotted British goods; formed First Continental Congress
  5. representatives from 12 states

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  1. Ratification of the Constitutionspecial conventions in each state


  2. Beginning in 1781, the United States was governed under theArticles of Confederation


  3. Thomas Jefferson's phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" was a modification of John Locke's phrase "Life, liberty, and...different institutions work together to regulate their actions


  4. A major purpose of the economic provisions in the Constitution was todifferent institutions work together to regulate their actions


  5. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention did not worry about preserving individual rights for all of the following reasons.because the limited government couldn't threaten personal freedoms