21 terms

French Weather (English-French)

au printemps
in the spring
en automne
in the fall or autumn
en été
in the summer
en hiver
in the winter
Il fait beau.
It is beautiful out.
Il fait chaud.
It is hot.
Il fait doux.
It is warm or mild.
Il fait du soleil.
It is sunny.
Il fait du vent.
It is windy.
Il fait frais.
It is chilly.
Il fait froid.
It is cold.
Il fait mauvais.
It is ugly or bad out.
Il neige.
It is snowing.
Il pleut.
It is raining.
Il y a du brouillard.
it's foggy.
Il y a des nuages.
It's cloudy.
Il y a des orages.
It's stormy.
Quel temps fait-il?
What is the weather like?
Il gèle
It's freezing.
Le soleil brille.
The sun is shining.

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