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Mussolini takes power
In 1922 Mussolini takes power in Italy as a Fascist ruler
Invasion of Manchuria
1931, Japan invades Manchuria providence in China
Invasion of Ethiopia
1935, Italy invaes Ethiopia
Spanish Civil War
1936 - 1939
Nazi's use as a testing ground for their new Air force, Luffwaffe, and war tactic "Blitzkrieg"
Francisco Franko takes power
Panay Incident
December 12th, 1937
USS Panay Sunk near Nanking, Japan
Japanese claim it's an accident
2 US Sailors killed
USA Neutrality Acts
1935, 1936, 1937, 1939
US Public supports Isolationist Movement
Isolationist movement spearheaded by Charles Limburg, "America First" Program
Adolf Hitler
Born 1889 in Austria
Rejected twice from Vienna Art Academy
Soldier in WWII, receives Iron Cross
Leads the Nation Socialist Party to power in Munich, Germany, in 1920
Arrested after attempted Putsh in Munich in November of 1923
Writes "Mien Kampf" in Jail with future Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbles
After Jail, Hitler becomes influencial public speaker
Reichstag Fire, February 27th, 1933. Communists blamed
Night of Long Knives
June 30th, 1934
Head of SR and all SR commanders brutally murdered
Replaced by SS
Retaking the Rein-land
1936, Germany invades the Rein-land near France, faces no oppostion
Invasion of Austria
German Riots in the streets of Austria
Nazi's invade, face no resistance, and takes Austria
Invasion of Sudetenland
Hitler uses speeches to insight an uprising in the Sudetenland
Allies appease Hitler and sign a treaty giving him back Sudetenland
Invasion of Czechoslovacia
March, 1939
Hitler unopposed by the Czechs
Non-Aggression Act
August 23rd, 1939
Secret treaty between Molotov (Russian) and VanRibbentrop (Germany)
Invasion of Poland
September 1st, 1939
Hitler disguises troops as Polish Soldiers, stages a fake attack
Invades Poland
Incites Britain
1940 Invasions by n Nazis
Nazi's invade and conquer Belgium
Nazi's invade and conquer France
Maginot Line
Long string of stationary reinforcements set up along the western front of Germany-France border
Hitler simply takes the long way around and marches his army up and over the line
Operation Dynamo
May 6th to June 4th
City of Dunkirk
Civilians volunteer their boats to aid British Navy
338,000 French and British troops ferried safely from France to Britian
Occupation of Paris begins
June 14th, 1940
Vichy, France
Marshal Petain stes up Nazi puppet-government in Vichy, France, following Nazi occupation
Hitler visits Paris
Finds Rail Road car where WWI was ended with German surrender
Makes France surrender in same Rail Road car
Robin Moor attack
U-Boat sinks USS Robin Moor in south-Atlantic
Operation Barbarossa
June 22nd, 1941
Hitler invades Russia
Army General Marshall Tedo keeps Nazi forces occupied for over a month, pushing back Barbarossa timeframe
Sinking of USS Greer
USS Greer sunk by German U-Boat
September 4th, 1941
Roosevelt issues a "Shoot On Sight" to all American vessels in regard to German U-Boats
Atlantic Charter
August 9th to 12th, 1941
1)Renounced Agression
2)Upheld 4 Freedoms
3)Upheld Freedom of the Seas
4)Upheld right of self-determination and an end to colonization
Written by FDR and Churchill
Was the foundation for the United Nation
Japanese Embargo and Japanese join Axis powers
September 26th, 1940, and September 27th, 1940, respectively
Japanese invasion of Indo-China and Mainland China
July 24th, 1941
Indo-China = Vietnam
US Sec. of State and Pearl Harbor
Cordell Hull
is aware of something surrounding Pearl Harbor,
alerts Generals
Japanese delegates to US
Nomuro and Kurusu
unaware of Pearl Harbor plot
November 26th, 1941
Japanese fleet mobilizes to Pearl Harbor
Nomuro and Kurusu refuse US plea to leave indo-China and Mainland China
Attack on Pearl Harbor: December 6th
December 6th:
Official War-Warning sent to PH from Washington
Admiral Husband Kimmel
Commander Walter Short
Prepare for land invasion by lining planes wing-tip to wing-tip
Japanese Spy sketches this formation and sends it to Tokyo earlier
Japanese Admiral Yamamoto; graduate of Harvard
Attack on Pearl Harbor: December 7th
December 7th:
Japanese airforce mistaken for B-17's
Bombs fall at 7:00 AM
Japanese Fleet: 11 destroyers, 2 battleships, 2 heavy cruisers, 6 carriers, 426 planes available, 350 used
US casualties: USS Arizona, 2,403 dead, 68 civilians, 1,100 wounded, 149 planes
Only vote against WWII
Jeanette Rankin
Nazi German declares WAR on USA
December 11th, 1941
Japanese attacks following Pearl Harbor
U.S.A.: Guam, Philippines, Midway on December 9th
Britain: Male Penninsula
US Army + Navy placements
Husband Kimmel --> Chester Nimitz
Walter Short demoted
MacArthur evacuates Philippines
December 27th, 1941
MacArthur evacuates Philippine Capital to Corregidor
March 11th, 1942
FDR instructs him to leave Philippines
MacArthur "I will return"
Walter Wainwright takes over command, suicide mission, get captured by Japanese
Battle of the Bulge Dates
December 16th 1944 - December 25th, 1945
D - Day Dates
July 4 - 6, 1944
D - Day: Meeting in Tehran
First time "Big Three" meet in person
Operation Fortitude
General Patton sent with fake fleet to trick Germans into believing invasion would take place in Northern Japan
Patton making public speeches in London, PO's Stalin, but gets attention
D - Day tricks to fool the Germans
Inflatable balloon planes and cardboard tanks used to confuse scouts and allow Germans to believe in a Northern invasion
Cancled D - Day dates and reasons
June 4th and 5th, due to Weather and Tidal charts
Length of D - Day fighting
11 Days
U.S. D - Day casualties
3,283 dead
12,600 wounded
1 million allied troops had landed
Operation Valkyrie
Assassination attempt on Hitler
July 20th, 1944
bomb hidden in Suitcase
Hitler survives, publicly executes those he thought were responsible
Rommel, amazing General and humanitarian, forced to commit suicide
Liberation of Paris
August 19th - 25th, 1944
General Charles DeGaulle wanted French troops in first, and quickly
Commander Leclerc disobeyed Ally command and sent in the 2nd Armored Division early
Rest of the Allies followed
Election of 1944
FDR: 432
Dewey: 99
Bombing of Dresden
February 13 - 15, 1945
100,000 Civilian casualties
Eva Braun
Hitlers Lover and Wife, committed double-suicide with him on April 30th, 1945
Ruhr Valley
Besieged by Allies in 1945
Massive industrial center for the Nazis
Allies capture several hundred Germans
Victory in Europe Day
May 7th, 1945
Harry Truman's Birthday
Yalta Converence
February 4th, 1945
Big 3 meet for last time
Decide Russians will be the first to liberate Berlin
Russian's will assist in war against Japan
Russian Casualty total in WWII
Twenty Million
US Casualty total WWII
Battle of Leyte Gult
Largest Naval battle in WWII
Philippine Islands of Leyte and Samar
OCtober 23 - 26th, 1945
First use of Japanese Kamikazee
V - J Day
September 2nd, 1945