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Rock History Midterm

The blues traces its melodic roots and percussion sounds to what country?
Africa (Traditional African)
First big band crooner who went solo w/ great career...
Frank Sinatra
The size of ensembles was mostly ditated by...
The lead muscian/ Instrumentalist.
Most popu;ar type of musical group in the 40s and 50s...
Big Band
Music that grew out of Delta Blues and Urband Blues and centered in Memphis, TN...
Man who hosted American Bandstand...
Dick Clark
Rockabilli artist who recorded Blue Suede Shoes...
Carl Perkins
Elvis' 1st hit...
That's All Right
Bill Hailey and the Comets started out as what type of band?
Western Swing
Invented the 2-string boogie for rock guitar...
Chuck Berry
Early Example of how labels literally stole a song from indie artists to release on large labels...
The Crew Cuts form The Chords
Early radio DJ who would be center of huge air play scandal.
Alan Freed
Small independent labels used these to get their music played.
Country music's version of Robert Johnson
Hank Williams
Overtly sexual song recorded by Billie Word and His Dominoes
60 Minute Man
Turn, Turn, Turn. Known for not playing their own music on recordings.
The Byrds
Trademark guitar during the 60s.
Rickenbacker 12-string
Wrote California Dreaming
Mammas & Pappas
Wrote Sound of Silence
Simon & Garfunkle
Pioneering Rock band who essentially started progressive rock movement with "Tommy"
The Who
Pioneering Rock band who essentially started progressive rock movement with "Tommy"
The Kinks
Group that stared Eric Clappton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page.
The Yardbirds
Bad boys of rock who were actually of middle class conservative backgrounds
The Rolling Stones
Within a month of their coming to the U.S., this many of the top 5 hits of the Beatles were theirs.
Producer who helped the Beatles refine their sound in the studio...
George Martin
Beatles original manager...
Brian Epstein
City where the Beatles cut their teeth...
The British invasion featured groups that were heavily influenced by...
Black Muscians
Band started with the food money left by two of the members' parents.
The Beach Boys
Rock music that dealth with teen angst and the fascination of death was called...
Splatter Platter
Song recorded by the Kingsmen that caused a congressional investigation of them...
Louie Louie
Wipeout, the most famous instrumental surf rock song was recorded by...
Garage band known as the "Band that launched a 1000 bands"
The Ventures
Most recognizable surf rock artist...
Dick Dale
In surf rock, rapidly plucked and bent pitches on the guitar are used to symbolize what?
Performer w/ distinctive falsette voice who is credited with influencing the Beatles.
Roy Orbison
Blues blended w/ country in new pop sound is called...
Rockabilly Pop
Classically trained and highly educated performer who would write many songs with Burt Bacharach...
Dionne Warwick
Blind singler and muscian who would become an ambassador for soul music...
Ray Charles
Replaced background singer in soul reordings.
most famous label associated with Memphis.
Stax Records
Most played song on radio by the Righteous Brothers
You've Lost...
Wall of Sound created by...
Phil Spector
First band voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...
The Coasters
With rise of the producers in the 60s, this team wrote music for Elvis and many others.
Leiber and Stoller
Though not commercially a mega-star, this folk artist influenced almost every rock artist in the 60s.
Bob Dylan
Most famous of folk groups out of Greenwhich Village who recorded "Puff the Magic Dragon."
Peter, Paul, & Mary
Father of American folk music who recorded This Land is Your Land.
Woody Guthrie
The primary instrument used in 60s folk music.
Acoustic guitar.
The music re-emerged on college campuses in a movement to regain what rock had lost.
The song recorded by Chubbie Checkers that led this national craze.
The Twist
American Bandstand made these as important as the artists and led to a national craze
Muscians (Fans, ?)
These artists were marketed as potential boyfriends for teenage females in early 60s.
Teen Idols
Tin Pan Alley on steroids where writing, recording, and bands were put together.
Brill Building
Don McLean's song about the low points in rock in the late 50's.
American Pie
Act of giving cash or gifts to Dj's in order for them to play certain songs was called...
The place where 3 up and coming artists died...
Clear Lake
Artists who recorded Chantilly Lace
The Big Bopper
Young hispanic artist who recorded La Bamba
Ritchie Valens
Rockabilly artist Deca records picked to compete with Elvis...
Bill Hailey
Rock's 1st child star who began recording career at 12.
Brenda Lee
Be-bop-a-lula, on of Rock's greatests hits was recorded by...
Gene Vincent
Troubled rocker who married his 13 year old cousin before divorcing his 1st wife.
Jerry Lee Lewis
In addition to writing and performing his own songs, Eddie Cochran was one of the early artists to..
Unwound string to bend pitches...
Country music bad boy who ironically was known as a gospel artist...
Johnny Cash
Style of Elvis' music...
Rockabilly-pop, soul, R&B, Country
Elvis' most (im)famous manager...
Col. Tom Parker
Original owner of Sun records and Elvis' first manager...
Sam Phillips
First Rock icon
Bill Hailey and the Comets' song that would be the theme of popular 70s tv show "Happy Days."
Rock Around the Clock
Considered himself the king of Rock and Roll...and the Queen, too.
Little Richard
A song that is re-recorded by a different group or singler is called a...
A song that is listed in 2 or more "Chart" lists is called a ...
The children of WW1 and WW2 that would change the entire music landscape.
Baby Boomers
National country and western radio show based in Nashville, TN.
Grand Ole Opry
The caucasian poor's version of the blues...
The King of the Delta Blues and arguable the true father of Rock and Roll
Robert Johnson
The Empress of the Blues
Bessie Smith
Most early blues recording artist's were
The harmonic structure of the blues was influenced by what type of music?
Western "Hymns"
Most widely used publcation to track a song's popularity...
Billboard Charts
Series of pitches arranged in succession and in a particular order.
When notes are played together or sequenced to produce chords...
The way notes and chords move through time in relation to a beat...
The term associated with tones and timbers occurring simultaneously...
Term used to descibe how a piece of music is organized...
A musical section that repeats w/ variation in lyrics
A musical section that repeats and is more or less the same...
Most common song form in early rock.
Blues-12 bar
Song form heavily rooted in jazz.
32 bar or AABA
Most common way of listening to music in the beginnings of rock...
Primary source of income for music business in 40s and 50s.
Sheet music
Helped bring a song to a national audience during the "Golden Age."
Before 1945, most music on the radio was played how?
Bing Crosby by was host to this national radio show...
Kraft Music Hall
Popular 50s tv show that premiered new music acts...
Ed Sullivan Show
Area in NYC where songwriters wrote and printed music...
Tin Pan Alley
Included a Phil Spector protogeʼ who would partner with his wife to become Americaʼs first sweetheart pop/rock couple
Sonny & Cher
Bob Dylan angered his fans by doing what at the Newport Folk Festival
Using electric guitar.