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John 7-12 Quiz Study Guide


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John 7:37-38
If Anyone Thirsts; Out Of His Heart Will Flow Rivers of Living Waters
John 8:7
Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone
John 8:12
I Am the Light of the World
John 8:31-32
If You Abide In My Word
John 8:36
If the Son Sets You Free, You Will Be Free Indeed
John 8:58
Before Abraham Was, I AM
John 10:7
I Am the Door of the Sheep
John 10:11
I Am the Good Shepherd
John 10:18
I Lay My Life Down of My Own Accord
John 11:25
I Am the Resurrection and the Life
John 12:32
I Will Draw All People to Myself
In John 8, when the Jews insist that their father is Abraham, who does Jesus say their father actually is on account of their actions, attitudes, and words?
The devil
In John 9, when Jesus was asked who had sinned to make the man born blind - the blind man's parents, or the blind man himself - what was Jesus' response?
He said he is blind so that God's glory may be shown through him
In John 9, how did Jesus heal the blind man?
He spits in mud and rubs it on the his eyes and then the man goes and washes himself in the pool and he can see.
In John 9, when the Pharisees told the formerly blind man, "Give glory to God. We know this man is a sinner", what was his response?
He doesn't know whether he is a sinner or not but he knows he was blind and now can see
In John 9, when Jesus finally revealed Himself to the man who was formerly blind, how did the man respond?
He worshipped him
In John 10, how does Jesus say His sheep will recognize Him, and reveal themselves to be truly His sheep?
The sheep will recognize Jesus voice and won't follow anyone else
In John 10, what is the reason that Jesus gives for why His "sheep" are unable to be taken away from Him?
The father has given them to him
In John 10, why did the Pharisees pick up stones to stone Jesus?
Because he said and I and the father are one.
In John 11, when Jesus heard that Lazarus was ill, what did He do in response?
He waited two days until Lazarus had died
In John 11, though Martha and Mary both said the same exact thing to Jesus ("Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died"), both had different responses from Jesus. How did Jesus respond to Mary differently than Martha?
Mary he cries with
Martha was reassured by the truth
In John 11, how did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?
He called him out of the tomb