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ch23 10-15

Harry Hopkins
Who was a streetwise former NYC social worker driven by a deep moral passion to help the less fortunate and an impatience with bureaucracy? He would emerge as the key figure administering New Deal relief programs
Agricutural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
What administration was set up to provide immediate relief to the nation's farmers and established a new federal role in agricultural planning and price setting, it also established parity prices for basic farm commodities, including corn, wheat, hogs, cotton, rice, and dairy products.
Tennesee Valley Authority (TVA)
What was that independent public corporation, that built dams and power plants, produced cheap fertilizer for farmers, and, most significantly, brought cheap electricity for the first time to thousands of people in 7 southern states.
National Industry Recovery Act
What act was the closest attempt yet at a systematic plan for economic recovery where in theory, each industry would be self-governed by a code hammered out by reps. of business, labor and the consuming public?
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
The codes of this administration were written by the largest firms in any given industry; labor and consumers got short shrift.
Hugh Johnson
Who was that general that led the NRA?
Blue Eagle stamp
What kind of stamp symbolized the NRA?
Public Works Administration (PWA)
What authorized $3.3 billion for the construction of roads, public buildings, and other projects? The idea was to provide jobs and thus stimulate the economy through increased consumer spending.
Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes
Who led the PWA?
primping the pump
What was the favorite image that was demonstrated for this kind of spending of the PWA?
American Liberty League
What was that group of conservative businessmen organized in 1934 denounced Roosevelt and his advisers? They also held the administration responsible for what they considered an attack on property rights, the growing welfare state, and the decline of personal liberty
What did Al Smith declare the New Deal's law of?
Charles E. Coughlin
Who was a Catholic priest in suburban Detroit, who attracted a huge national radio audience of 40 million listeners with passionate sermons attacking Wall Street, international bankers, and "plutocratic capitalism"?
National Union for Social Justice
What did Coughlin find?
End Poverty in California (EPIC)
Coughlin entered the 1934 Democratic primary for governor by running what program?
Francis E. Townsend
Who was a retired doctor that created a large following among senior citizens with his Old Age Revolving Pension plan.
Huey Long
Who was Louisiana's flamboyant backcountry orator, posed the greatest potential threat to Roosevelt's leadership?
Share Our Wealth Society
It was to break up the swollen fortunes of American and to spread the wealth among all our people was organized by Long, what was it?
Every Man A King
What was Long's slogan?
International Longshoremen's Association (ILA)
What effectively shut down San Francisco?
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Who won against a union's own national officials, vehemently anti-union employers, and a brutal city police force?
the Second Hundred Days
What marked the high point of progessive lawmaking in the New Deal?
Emergency Relief Appropriation Act
What allocated $5 billion for large-scale public works programs for the jobless?
John Maynard Keynes
Who argued that each government dollar spent had a mutiplier effect, pumping two or three dollars into the depressed gross national product?
Social Security Act of 1935
What provided for old-age pensions and unemployment insurance?
National Labor Relations Act
What was often called the Wagner Act because of its cheif sponsor, Democratic senator robert F. Wagner of NY where the federal government guaranteed the right of American workers to join, or form, independent labor unions, and bargain collectively for improved wages, benefits, and working conditions?
the Magna Carta for labor
What was the Wagner Act described as?
Resettlement Administration (RA)
What produced one of the most utopian New Deal programs, one designed to create new kinds of model communitites?
Rexford G. Tugwell
Who led the RA and helped destitute farm families relocate to more productive areas?