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More than 20,00 years ago who were the "first Americans"?
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Who are the mestizos?Mixed European and Indian heritage people.In 1810 who led a rebellion that toppled the Spanish government in Venezuela?Francisco MirandaWho was Toussaint L'Ouverture?He was the leader of a rebellion in HaitiWhile the armies of Spain and other European countries waged war against Napoleon the Spanish colonies in Latin America began setting up their own______________________________________governmentsWho was Simon Bolivar?Known as "the Liberator" He helped countries such as Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela win their freedomWho was Jose de San Martin?He forced the Spanish to withdraw from ChileWhat did the rebel army establish in Mexico?A government based upon the ideals of the French Revolution (liberty, equality, and fraternity)Brazil was a _________________ _________________ in South AmericaPortuguese colonyWho was Pedro I the Emperor of Brazil?He was the king of Portugal but then stepped down from that position when the creoles offered for him to be the king of BrazilWhat rights did the constitution give to people?It gave people the right to elect members of the legislatureWhat were citizens guaranteed after Portugal had become independent peacefully?Freedom of religion and freedom of the pressWhen did most Latin American nations become independent?During the early 1800'sHow many Latin american countries became independent? What were their constitutions modeled after?18; the U.S ConstitutionsIn the new nations dictators often seized ______________________ .powerThe majority of people in Latin America lived in ________________povertyWhat was most of the land in Latin America controlled by?The Catholic ChurchBy the _____________________'s the Catholic Church had lost political power1900'sWhich country expressed interest in regaining its lost coloniesSpainWhat did the Monroe Doctrine express?Europeans were told not to interfere with the new governments of Latin AmericaWho did the Latin Americans depend on for economic assistance?U.S, and various European nations________________________ _____________________ had influence over Latin American governmentsEconomic imperialismTrue or False: Latin American countries fell behind on their loan paymentsTrueTrue or False: Battleships were sent to collect overdue moniesTrueThe U.S didn't want _________________________ visiting the Western HemisphereEuropeansIn the 1900's American presidents ordered troops to __________________ and ______________________Nicaragua and HondurasTrue or False: U.S intervention cause resentment in Latin AmericaTrueIn 1895 a _______________ broke out in CubaRevolutionWhat did the American businessmen fear for?the investments they made in sugar and tobacco plantionsWhat is the importance of Havana Harbor?An explosion occurred there that ripped apart the MaineThe U.S blamed what country for the explosion and declared war on them?SpainWhen did Cuba gain its independence?after the Spanish -American warWhat islands became the possession of the U.S after the war?Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, GuamWhat is the Platt Amendment?gave the U.S the right to build a naval base in CubaTrue or False: Latin Americans became concerned that the imperialist actions of the U.S threatened their independanceTrueDefine foreign affairsevents involving the U.S and other countriesWhat is the Big Stick Policy?used to influence events in Latin AmericaWhy did the U.S want to build a canal in Panama?to shorten the sea routesWhat led to the construction of the Panama CanalPresident Roosevelt helped Panama win its independence from ColumbiaTrue or False: Panama favored the construction of the Canal through its territoryTrue