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Types of ECG machines

1. single-channel recorder monitors all 12 leads individually 2. multi-channel recorder monitors all 12 leads at the same time but records three leads at once and switches automatically, recording each of the four sets of three leads

Functions of ECG machines

input, signal processing, and output display


electrodes on patient's skin direct impulses to the ECG instrument

Signal processing

amplification of electrical impulse and conversion into mechanical actions on the display

Output display

printed report or computerized data report

Other functions of ECG machines

computerized measurement and analysis; storage and communication

Controls on ECG machines

speed, gain, and artifact filter


regulates output or height of ECG waveform

Artifact filter

reduces artifact or abnormal marks on printed output

ECG graph paper

standard grid and dot matrix

Heart rate limits

The operator can set heart rate that machine will interpret as too slow (bradycardia) or too fast (tachycardia). If heart rate is above or below number set, machine will sound an alarm and mark on the tracing.

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