Psychoanalytical Perspective

Who founded psychoanalysis?
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Consists of thoughts, feelings, memories, motives, and drives that are blocked from conscious awareness
- Freud believed that the unconscious permeated through into the conscious level
- he used free association and dream interpretation to reach the unconscious level of his patients
- Freud also believed that the unconscious can be revealed through unintentional actions -- Freudian slips
What is the ego?It is organized, rational, practical, and logical - it operates on the reality principle = the ability to postpone gratification until the means to do so are available - impulses can be repressed, or removed from conscious awareness - it acts as the intermediate between the id and the superegoWhat is the superego?The opposite of id - moralistic self-evaluative personality component - it is the internal representation of society's rules, morals, and obligations - it represents your consciousness