Sheep Brain Anatomy and Physiology

left hemisphere
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frontal lobethe lobe that is most likely to deal with motor functionsparietal lobehandles all sensory information except for vision, hearing, and smelltemporal lobethe lobe involved in hearing and smelloccipital lobethe lobe that receives and interprets visual sensory messagescerebellumcontrols balance and muscle coordinationcorpus callosuma band of fibers that connects the two sides of the cerebrumthalamushypothalamuslinks the nervous system to the endocrine system; controls body, temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, circadian rhythmscerebral aqueductconnects the CSF from the third and fourth ventriclessuperior colliculusinferior colliculuspituitary glandpineal glandendocrine gland that is the main site of melatonin production (helps regulate day/night cycles)lateral ventriclearea that houses CSF below the corpus callosumthird ventriclespace near the choroid plexus (structure that makes CSF)fourth ventriclecirculates CSF near the cerebellummedullaregion within the brainstem that controls vital visceral activities (via cardiac, vasomotor & respiratory centers)midbrainsuperior most portion of the brainstemdurathe protective covering of the brain; made primarily of connective tissuesulcishallow groove in the cerebrumfissuredeep groove in the cerebrumcranial nerve IInerve # connect to eyeballsarachnoid materthe middle layer of the meninges; web-like with CSF below itgyruselevated ridge in the cerebrumtransverse fissurefissure that separates cerebrum from cerebellumspinal cordstructure that connects the brainstem to the peripheral nerves of the bodygray matter of arbor vitaeunmyelinated tissue of arbor vitaecorpora quadrigeminadivision comprised of superior and inferior colliluciwhite matter of arbor vitaemyelinated tissue of arbor vitae