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Vocabulary for Vergil's Aeneid, Book 4, lines 362-449

auctor, oris m/f

author, founder

avertor, i, rsus

to avert

desino, ere, sivi, situs

to desist (+ abl)

fraudo (1)

to cheat, deceive

haurio, ire, hausi, haustus

to drink (in)

interpres, etis f


pererro (1)

to survey

profor, ari, atus

to speak

spons, spontis f

will, desire

testor, eri, itus

to swear by, to take oath

tueor, eri, itus

to protect

cautes, is f

cliff, crag

dissimulo (1)

to conceal

egens, entis


eicio, ere, eici, eiectus

to cast out

flecto, ere, flexi, flexus

to move, bend

fletus, us m

tears, lament

gigno, ere, genui, genitus

to beget, produce

ingemo, ere, ui

to lament

miseror, ari, atus

to commiserate, to pity

perfidus, a, um

faithless, treacherous

reservo (1)

to reserve, save

tigris, (id)is m/f

tiger, tigress

uber, eris n

udder, breast

artus, us m

joint, limb

improbus, a, um


iussum, i n

decree, command, order

Manes, ium m

(souls of) the dead

refello, ere, i

to refute


of course, doubtless

desuco, ere, duxi, ductus

to separate

sollicito (1)

to agitate, disquiet

supplicium,i n


abrumpo, ere, rupi, ruptus

to break off

aeger, gra, grum

sick, wretched

aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatus

to carry away

conlabor, i, apsus

to collapse, faint

famula, ae f

female household slave

linquo, ere, liqui, lictus

to relinquish

marmoreous, a, um

marbled, white

membrum, i n

limb, body

sermo, onis m

conversation, speech

stratum, i n

couch, bed

suscipio, ere, cepi, ceptus

to take up

carina, ae f

keel, ship

celsus, a, um

lofty, high

far, farris

spelt, kind of grain

incumbo, ere, cubui, cubitus

to recline, urge on

infabricatus, a, um

rough, untamed

labefacio, ere, feci, factus

to shake, stagger

lenio, ire, ivi, itus

to soothe, calm


though, although, yet, nevertheless

solor, ari, atus

to comfort


like, as

angustus, a, um


callis, is m

path, track

castigo (1)

to reprove, punish

cogo, ere, coegi, coactus

to bring together, muster, compel

ferv(e)o, ere, (bu)i

to be busy, boil

frumentum, i n



far, wide

obnitor, i, sis (nixus)

to push, agitate, strive

populo (1)

to ravage, plunder

praeda, ae f

booty, spoils

precor, ari, atus

to entreat, pray, invoke

semita, ae f


summitto, ere, misi, misus

to submit

trudo, ere, si, sus

to push, shove

aditus, us m

address, approach

arcanus, a, um

hidden, secret

carbasus, i f

linen, sail

colo, ere, ui, cultus

to cultivate

corona, ae, f

wreath, garland

exsequor, i, secutus

to perform, carry out

perfero, ferre, tuli, latus

to endure

propero (1)

to hurry, hasten

iuro (1)

to take oath, swear, conspire

misereor, eri, itus

to commiserate, pity

prodo, ere, didi, ditus

to betray

revello, ere, i, vulsus

to tear off

venia, ae f

pardon, favour

adsiduus, a, um


aetherius, a, um

airy, lofty

annosus, a, um


certo (1)

to strive, contest, compete

concutio, ere, ussi, ussus

to shake, shatter

consterno, ere, strave, stratus

to lay low, strew

eruo, ere, ui, utus

to uproot, overthrow

flatus, us m

wind, blast

quercus,us f



otherwise, differently

stipes,itis m

trunk, stem

stridor, oris m

noise, creaking

tractabilis, e


tundo, ere, tutundi, tu(n)sus

to beat, assail

validus, a, um

strong, sturdy

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