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a change in position relative to reference point

frame of reference

a way to show precise location of object in space, time is:


measures distance between start and end point


how fast object moves in a given time


what is the formula for average speed?


what is the formula for distance?


what is the formula for time?


what is the speed of an object in a direction called?

positive velocity

velocity of an object when it moves toward reference point

negative velocity

velocity of an object when is moves away from reference point

resultant velocity

addition of positive and negative velocities is called:

constant speed

what speed is the speed when distance and time are equal?


what is the SI unit for speed?

distance-time graph

the graph that shows speed of an object


what does the slope of a distance-time graph show?


if the slope on a distance-time graph is steep is the object travelling fast or slow?

Zero Slope

what is the slope of an object thats not moving

distance, y axis

what is the independent variable on a distance-time graph and which axis is it on?

time, x axis

what is the dependent variable on a distance-time graph and which axis is it on?

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