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All endocrine glands are ductless. What does that mean?

All endocrine glands are ductless which means that they secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream rather then through the ducts leading to the exterior of the body. (page 766)

When arteries and veins are not in the correct anatomic position what is that called and under what category are the corrective procedures located?

An arterioriovenous malformation is a condition which arteries and veins are not in correct anatomic position, usually congenital. (61680-61711) These codes are divided on basis of approach and method of procedure. (page 771)

CPT code 65820 has special instructions about a modifier. Which modifier is referenced and what are the instructions?

Goniotomy (65820) is a surgical procedure that utilizes an instrument called a gonioclens. This procedure may be performed for congenital glaucoma, a condition in which the optic nerve at back of eye may be damaged and caused loss of vision, especially one's peripheral vision. A note following this code directs the coder not to use modifier -63 (procedure performed on infants less than 4 kg) with the code. (page 785).

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