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Types of supplies and equipment used by both beginning and proficient sewing enthusiasts

tape measure

used to take body measurements

French curve

used for drawing curces areas when making alternating patterns

Dressmaker's ruler

measures and makes short straight lines

hem gauge

used for measuring and pressing items


useed for laying out pattern pieces, holding two layers of fabric together while stitching and making hemlines

pin cushions

holds pins and needles that are inserted into the padded area

Magnetic pin holder

holds pins magnetically on an open surface

Dressmaker's Bent-Handle Shears

used for cutting large pieces of fabric

pinking shears

used to finish seam edges on firmly woven fabric

sewing scissors

used to trim and grade seams, , clip curves, and cut into corners

Embroidery scissors

used for detail work such as cutting threads, ripping stitches, and opening buttons

seam ripper

used for ripping out stitching

rotary cutter

cuts fabric, leather, vinyl, fil, and paper as it's rolled along the cutting board

Tailor's chalk

used for marking fabric

tracing paper

used with tracing wheel to transfer pattern markings to fabric

tracing wheel

used with tracing paper to transfer pattern markings to fabric


used for hand sewing


used to push needle through fabric and protect finger while sewing by hand

needle threader

used to facilitate the process of threading an needle

point turner

used for pushing out points of collars, cuffs, etc.


used fjor pressing and ironing

ironing board

used under an iron for ironing or presisng garments

press cloth

places between iron and fabric to protect fabric form shine and the iron form fusible resins

sleeve board

used for pressing narrow areas which cannot fit ove end of ironing board

tailor's ham

used to press curved areas of a garment such as a curved seams and darts

seam roll

used for pressing seams open so seam allowwance does not dhow through to right sode of fabric


small spool that holds the lower thread

bobbin case

holds bobbin and regulates tightness or looseness of lower thread

bobin winding spindle

holds bobbin while it is being wound with thread

feed dog

grips fabrics and moves it toward the back of the machine during stitiching

hand wheel

turns by hand control movement of the needle and the thread take up lever


carries top threads through fabric to connect with bobbin thread to make a stitch

presser foot

hold fabric in place for sewing

stitch length control

shorten or lengthens stitches

stitch pattern panel

sets machine for decorative stitches

take up lever

causes upper thread to move up and down with needle to make stitches

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